Sunday, October 4, 2009

We need a break!!!!

Do we ever get a break?????????? Yes, we do. Fall break. NEXT week! I am counting the days. I do love my job. But I love a day or 5 at home even better. Because we have no babies to post pictures of, and Molly won't sit still long enough to have her picture taken, I'm posting pictures of a few of our recent "projects".

I have a friend who makes the cutest decals. She made this for our mailbox. Isn't it cute? I purposely didn't photograph the post. Right after we moved in, I decided we needed flowers around the base of our post. So I got up one morning and dug a big hole around our mailbox post. And that was as far as I made it. There is still a big hole around the bottom of the post and no flowers. My neighbor thought I was digging up the mailbox.

While we were in the process of buying our house, I found a chalk board with the quote above in Pottery Barn. It was so cute, but it was SO expensive. My mom still had my chalk board that I used to play teacher when I was little. It was green, so I painted it black and Bradley's Papa Mack made a frame for me. I copied the quote from Pottery Barn and this is the result. I love it.

And I can't post without saying that yesterday, I was gone all day to a volleyball tournament. We've been wanting new blinds for our living room. The ones that came in the house were horrible...and that's an understatement. Bradley went to Lowes while I was gone and got new blinds. He hung them and didn't tell me. He kept telling me on the phone that we might have to trim them with his pocket knife (which I was very againt...I told him we would NOT do that). I had been home for over an hour before I ever noticed! They look so much better than before. He also worked in our yard, mopped the floor, washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom, and washed clothes. I am so thankful for you, Bradley.

Our house is coming together slowly, but surely. And I know that one day soon, we might be home to enjoy it.

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