Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change is Coming...

We just tucked our baby girl in for the last time as our only child.  This makes me sad for her for some reason.  Her world is about to be flipped upside down, and I hope she handles it well. As excited as I am for what we're gaining this week, I'm sad about being away from Ella Kate all week, and I'm worried that she'll have a hard time adjusting.  It makes me a little emotional.  Maybe that's just the crazy hormones already.  Or maybe it's a combination of things.  I rocked her to sleep yesterday at nap time and had a good cry while I rocked.  We never rock her to sleep.  She rarely asks to be rocked.  But I needed it yesterday, as much as she did.

We are so excited about John Hudson's arrival.  Stay tuned for pictures. Coming soon...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Countdown is ON.

We haven't dropped off the face of the Earth...nope we're still here.  Just being a blog slacker I guess.  I'd tell you I'll try to do better, but you see, there's a little baby boy about to join this household in no more than 9 days and I remember how this new baby thing goes.  CRAZI-NESS.  That's exactly what it was the first time around.  I was INSANE, EXHAUSTED, MOODY, MEAN, etc.  I have plans to be a little more sane this time, but I'm not making any promises I can't keep.  Regardless of the madness that comes with it, I am PUMPED.  I've been checking things off my to do list this afternoon, and it's only 1:30!  Bradley has been a champ.  He swears he's hung the same curtain 4 times, but hey, the 4th time, he got it just right.  He's been checking things off our list too, and I really appreciate him.  He does it with a smile.  He has even taken Ella Kate out for a few hours just to give me some "Mommy Time" as he calls it.  That's why I'm finally getting to blog today.  They went to MawMaws for lunch and I'm laying in the recliner watching HGTV... Ahhhh.

I will attempt to keep you posted on John Hudson's arrival.  We ordered one that sleeps on a schedule this time.  I forgot to check that box when we ordered Ella Kate.  In fact, we're still working on her schedule.
Looking forward to an exciting couple of weeks.  Hope yours is great too!