Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Gathering of Friends

I got to visit with 3 good friends on Monday for a few hours. Between the 4 of us, there were 9 children and 1 on the way. And I am NOT the one with one on the way. Thank goodness. (I feel sorry for all pregnant people after my pregnancy experience. She was worth it, but it was terrible.) Breakfast was really good. You get an A+ for the monkey bread, Kaci. I wanted to eat way more, but the rest of you didn't, so I refrained.

After visiting I was thinking about how far the 4 of us have come. Life sure hasn't turned out like any of us thought many years ago in high school or even college. It's WAY better. I think we would all attest to that. I'm sure that 11-12 years ago, we never would have pictured ourselves sitting around feeding babies and discussing important things like how our bodies have changed and how hard motherhood is. We did all agree that it's all absolutely worth it.

You girls mean so much to me. We rarely get to visit, but I think the world of you. I hope you all felt as blessed and thankful as I did when I left Monday.

I hope all you readers are blessed with friends that you trust. They're definitely priceless.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ella Kate's First Christmas

We've done nothing today but lay around in bed or in front of the fire. I'm still in my pajamas and it's almost 6:00. Sounds like the perfect day, doesn't it? I have a new book to read, compliments of Santa Bowers, but I haven't even cracked it open. I did vacuum and sweep. So it's not like I haven't done something productive.

Christmas takes on new meaning with a baby. In the days before Christmas, I was listening to my Christmas cd in the car one day. I began to think about Mary. I can't imagine the emotions she was feeling. It amazes me that the Savior we needed came in the form of that tiny baby. I became overwhelmed by the thought that God was willing to sacrifice His child to cover our sins. We love our baby girl more than life. It's unexplainable. It makes God's sacrifice for us seem so much greater than I've ever realized.

Ella Kate had a busy Christmas. If she's not exhausted, her mommy is. I love a good routine, and lots of visiting throws a kink in that. EK got loads of stuff. I feel the need to clean out her nursery to make room for the new clothes. She's going to be a well dressed baby, no doubt. She also got a mobile for her crib, a baby rocking chair, and a few books. We started a few traditions. These include, but are not limited to the following ; )
  • Sleeping in the living room floor on Christmas Eve Eve and watching a Christmas movie. This year we chose Christmas vacation because we should watch it before she's old enough to repeat the words.
  • New PJ's
  • Making Christmas cookies (my mom always did this with us)
  • Reading the Christmas story
  • Receiving a new Christmas book

I'm sure we'll add to these as time goes on.

I'm back to work a week from tomorrow. Does this make anyone else nauseous or sad? Because that's exactly how I feel. I don't want to be away from her. I'm looking at her right now laying beside me on the couch in her bunny rabbit sleeper and wondering if I'll cry all day Monday or just that morning. I'm leaning towards all day. My husband says it's fine if I don't go back, because my car can "go back" and our house can "go back". I'm sure I will survive. She's going to be staying at our house, and for some reason this gives me a little peace about leaving her. Wow, I'm tearing up just blogging about it. All you people without children think this is nuts. I know. I was one of you for 29 years. But it all changes, and fast.

Tomorrow, I get to see some really good friends for brunch. It'll be nice to visit and catch up. I'm looking forward to it. I plan on making the most of this week I have left. I'm going to be completely organized and skinny when I return next week. I may be an emotional wreck, but I'm going to look good and know where my stuff is. ; ) I'm kidding about both.

Maybe I'll blog again before I return to work, because the chances of it happening the week I go back aren't good. Did I mention there are 3 basketball games that week???? So not only do I have to spend the days away from EK, 3 of my nights will be the same way. My husband promises to come home and get her so I can see her.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. May your new year begin as one filled with promise.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happenings at the Bowers House

Lots to share...sit tight.

Ella Kate has officially moved into her crib. Last night was her first night sleeping there instead of in the cradle by our bed. After moving her things over yesterday, I felt like there were 2 good options: move it all back or sit and cry. I pulled it together and did neither. I told myself we would all sleep better. And SHE did...from 8:45 until 4 a.m. to be exact. Her mommy, however, kept thinking something was obviously wrong when she didn't get up at 1. Or 2. Or 3. Or 3:30. She was still breathing though. I checked.

Today she and I took off to order B's Christmas present and visit friends in Luverne. Oh, I miss all those people! They were all so very good to me for the 5 years that I lived there. And always lots of fun. We enjoyed the simple things when I worked there like rearranging Heather's desk after school (many times), sending children to other teachers for no reason at all (almost daily), and putting sexy Halloween costume catalogues in Shea's mailbox (only once...don't tell her. I never confessed to that one). I'm not brave enough to try that at my new job...give me a little time ; ) It was good to see every one of you!

I started my "From Couch to 5K" this week via the treadmill. It wasn't bad yesterday...I didn't pass out or anything. I did almost fall off the back when I attempted to remove my sweatshirt (I had on another shirt) while the treadmill was still moving. I would have been fine if it hadn't gotten hung around my head. But I did not fall...only stumbled.

I'd like to end by telling you what little I have permission to share about B's P90X experience from Monday night. I will only say that it involved resistance bands, a door, and a gigantic red mark across his chest. I only heard about it and saw the mark. If I had seen it happen, I would still be in the floor. laughing.

Ella Kate and I can't wait for daddy to be home with us for a few weeks. Have an extra nice "rest of the week".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The New Normal

4 WEEKS! That's all I have left at home with this sweet baby girl. We're making the most of every cold day by staying in our p.j.'s and napping a lot. We also gaze at the Christmas tree and read on occasion. If I knew how to build a good fire, I'd do that too. But I don't. So we just crank up the heat. She's growing SO fast. I've asked her to slow down a little. She just looks at me like I'm crazy. She gives us all that look. She doesn't know what to think this morning because, apparently, no one loves her. Both of her granddads have been by to rock her this morning and it's only 12:00. ; ) She'll probably get nothing for Christmas either. What are we going to do?

I went back to the doctor yesterday. Everything looks good. She said I could start running 3 miles a day whenever I'm ready. I've lost over 30 lbs! Yay! I'm embracing the fact that if I don't get back into my clothes, it just means I can buy new clothes. Looks like a win/win to me. I did some Christmas shopping after the appointment. Then I sang really loud on the way home. Ella Kate was at BB's house and I was excited to be feeling normal know...real clothes, make-up, hair fixed (does a ponytail count?), DRIVING...etc. I even walked on the treadmill and tanned (a little too much) when I got home.

You'll all be happy to know that our clothes have been on the right way and I haven't been in public with my pants undone this week. Maybe we're getting the hang of this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I may be a little "all over the place" with this post. Because I feel a lot "all over the place".

I'll back up a few days and tell you that Miss Ella Kate has decided she is NOT all about going to sleep. She's ok if you can get her there, but she doesn't like the journey. So we had a few rough nights. At some point Bradley and I sang "The Ballad of Curtis Lowe" to her because you can only sing Jesus Loves Me and Away in a Manger so many times. It didn't work either.

She and I took a little drive about 2 a.m. on Monday night. We cruised for quite a while. It finally worked though. Sweet sleep for mommy and least for several hours.

Last night we decided to let her cry a little. After reading something a sweet friend put on facebook about her child, I decided it would be ok and I would not be the worst mother in the world. I checked on her and talked to her every 5 minutes. It worked! Yay! She slept so good too. Thank you, Teri.

Bradley and I had a date last night. It's the first time we've been in a restaurant since Ella Kate arrived. I only called twice to check on her (we only went to Enterprise). You know you're and old married couple when you get pumped about going to eat and going to Walmart. Bradley informed me he might be married, but he is NOT old. We decided to dart into Lowes before going home. We'd been in there for about 5 minutes just looking around when I realized my pants were unzipped AND unbuttoned. I'd done that when we left Walmart because my incision was hurting. And I completely forgot. If my shirt were covering it, I wouldn't be so embarrassed. But it wasn't! So if you saw me walking around Lowes last night with my pants undone, it wasn't because we were fooling around in the car (I'll get scolded for putting that on here.) It was because a lack of sleep causes you to forget things...even simple things.

We're getting into somewhat of a routine. We spend our mornings snuggling and looking at the Christmas tree. I can't think of a better time to be home with a sweet baby girl. When we finally get to sleep at night, we're only getting up 1 to 2 times to eat. She's a good baby. Having a newborn is just hard. But it's worth every second. And we're so thankful. I know I say that alot, but there's something about experiencing this life changing event that makes you pause and take in all the blessings in the world around you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thankful for:

1. Grace. Because I don't deserve any of the blessings I'm about to list. But God loves us and gives us things we are very undeserving of.

2. The husband I hear talking to our baby girl in the kitchen. I can't tell you enough how blessed I am to have him for a husband. There are no words. He's not perfect. I'm not perfect. But we love each other, and I absolutely believe God created us for each other. I am now listening to him sing Purple Rain. I may be forced to delete that last part...enjoy it for now.

3. Our baby girl who we think is the prettiest and sweetest baby we've ever laid eyes on. We love her more than we can express. She fills our hearts. Even at 4:30 a.m. when we're swaying in the bathroom with her in one arm and the hair dryer going in the other...not because I was drying my hair. But because we've discovered it can put her out like a light. We'll do anything to sleep a little while.

4. Our families who have come to the rescue more than a few times in the last 2 and a half weeks. We are more than blessed.

5. Our home that we love. It seems so much smaller with 100,000 baby things everywhere. But we still love it.

6. Our jobs at a great school with really good kids and co-workers.

Dear God, we are more thankful this year than ever. You are more than GOOD. We are more than BLESSED. Ella Kate and I have been singing the following as we rock in the wee hours of the morning. I thought it was fitting.

How GREAT is our God
Sing with me
How GREAT is our God
And all will see how GREAT
Is our God.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You'll soon discover...

Here is the sweetest card ever...very true:

Things you'll soon discover with your new baby girl:

That raising your own princess beats any fairy tale.

That a lot of great big people can be wrapped around one tiny finger.

That a toothless smile can light up the world like instant sunshine.

That watching her sleep is (sometimes) more satisfying than finding sleep yourself.

And most of all...that there's no greater joy than having a little girl to love.
I LOVE this baby girl more than I ever thought possible. Thank you, God for blessing us with her.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EKB: Week 2

LEARNING. That's what we're doing around here. It's getting better and better. Our baby girl is getting up only a couple of times during the night. However, at least one of those times, it takes me about an hour and a half (at least) to get her back down. By the time I doze off again, it's time to eat...AGAIN. She's gained back to her birth weight, and then some. She's already out of newborn clothes! Does anyone else think that's sad??? People told us "there's nothing like this". I never quite understood. Until now. There is absolutely NOTHING like the love I have for EKB and the love that grows more than I thought possible as I watch Bradley be the sweetest daddy. He didn't even get upset when I got up, turned his alarm off this morning, and went back to bed. Why? Sleep deprivation? I have no idea. He made it to work on time anyway, but it did make him a little rushed. One more story: Last week one morning I kept wondering why B had a string hanging out of the back of his pants. It took me a while but I figured it out. His pants were on backwards. He had no clue. The next morning I finally got back in bed and B told me he liked my shirt. I thought he was picking at me for wearing his shirt to bed. He then told me it would look even better if I didn't have it on backwards. We literally haven't known if we were coming or going. But things are improving.

We have a new stroller!!!! Yay! We're bundling up at lunchtime and going for a walk. I still cannot drive and I have GOT to get out of this house. I have been out a few times. My mom has been driving us around. Bradley and I take Ella Kate back to the doctor Friday. If all goes well, it will be nice for the 3 of us to get out.

EK is asleep for now and I need to sleep at least for a little while. Hope you're having an extra happy kind of week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First Few Days

Ella Kate slept all night last night. I got up and went for a 3 mile jog. Then I came home and put on my pre-pregnancy jeans, cooked pancakes and sausage, and sat down to thumb through a magazine. Really. No, I figure those days are over. But I do hope to accomplish some of those things again. Probably never all in the same day/week/month.

Let me give you the "details" from our hospital stay. I was all good til they escorted us to our room Thursday night. I was unaware that it was to be my delivery room. But quickly became aware as I saw the spotlights aimed at my bed. It was then that I considered going back to the car and going home. We settled in and they started some medicine to prepare me for Friday. We didn't know it, but I was having contractions 2 minutes apart when we arrived. They weren't strong, but oh, they became stronger. I started an IV sometime around 1 Friday morning and kept it until lunch Saturday...hence the still swollen ankles/hands/etc. Friday progressed normally. I was at 3 cm around 10 when I decided I needed an epidural. (if you don't want these details, stop reading...I want a record of all this) I got to 5 that afternoon sometime and stayed...and stayed...and stayed. And around 8:30 that night our doctor decided it was time. I definitely didn't prefer a c-section. But when we heard her size, I'm glad it ended up that way. Also for memory's sake, I'd like to say that in honor of our Friday night traditions, we listened to a high school football game right up until time to go into surgery.

Bradley became locked out of the hospital at midnight because his drugged up wife was determined that we hang Ella Kate's sign on the door. I don't recall any of this, but being the good husband that he is, he braved the cold and went to the car. He returned to the door to see the sign that our entrance closed at 11 and he walked around Flowers Hospital to the ER entrance.

Monday night was ROUGH. I thought I was losing my mind. She was crying. I was crying. But it's gotten better each day. Feedings are rough, but we've come up with a plan that's working for now. Our baby girl has been quite content. She eats, then sits and looks around for a while, then she sleeps for a while. We had a great dirty diaper incident this morning. It was hilarious. Making memories..................this afternoon has been marvelous. Just some good down time for the 3 of us.

Our families have been more than generous with their time. We will never be able to repay them for all they've done for us. Our friends have been so good to us, checking on us, and offering encouragement. Our church family has provided 2 meals for us and it has been a huge help. We feel so loved and so blessed. We wanted our baby girl for a long time. And God outdid himself. I never thought I could love a child this much. (I'm tearing up again. It's not the first time today.) My husband is absolutely the best husband and daddy. I am amazed and my love for him grows each day. Thank you, God. My heart is filled to overflowing because of your blessings on us.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ella Kate Bowers

Ella Kate is in the nursery for a little while, so I thought I'd blog before we head home tomorrow. Rumor has it there won't be much computer time at our house. It has been an eventful weekend for our little family. I won't post all the details, but I will say that things didn't go quite as I expected/planned. But it turned out fine. I will also leave you waiting for a post on the details by saying that I obviously don't do drugs well...Thursday night was eventful due to a few Ambien. Would you believe they moved the Peanut Festival to our room???? And Friday night/Saturday was eventful due to morphine...I woke up with my popsicle melted on my chest...I remember starting on it...and that was it. I also caused my husband to be locked out of the hospital at midnight Friday night. Or so he says. I don't remember that either.

Anyway...Ella Kate made her arrival at 9:04 Friday night weighing in at 8lbs 15oz, 21.5 inches long, via c-section. I cried. Then I threw up ; ) Really. But I'm good now. We're all good now. We're learning...definitely learning ALOT. We love her. And that makes me so emotional, more than normal I think. We both think she's the best. We just look at her. I told her today that she's the prettiest baby we ever had. I then told her we were going to work on "I need it, Daddy." She's my newest shopping partner.

Bradley has more than impressed me with his daddy skills. He's sooo good with her. It makes me love him in such a different way. (I'm crying. My emotions are CRAZY) He's also gotten lots of practice with his husband skills, as he's had to get me out of bed, in the bed, etc. I know he's exhausted. Possibly more than me (He looked all over for his watch this morning. He was wearing it. I laughed and it hurt.) But he hasn't complained, nor has he lost patience with me since we've been here (somehow). I love him so much. And I am thankful for him.

And together we are thankful for this gift that God has given us.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We spent our final night at home as a family of 2 + Molly. It was nice...we shared a meal of fishsticks, fries, and grape koolaid and looked lovingly at each other from across the living room. There was a time that we sat at the table or the bar for dinner. But I can no longer sit up straight and eat so the recliner is my spot at suppertime. As for breakfast, I made cinnamon rolls and coffee for B. I used the very last of the coffee that we brought home from Jamaica. I told him it was symbolic of "The Honeymoon's OVER."

I think I might be beyond excited about this baby girl. It's just come over me all of a sudden. I woke up every hour on the hour last night...thinking this time tomorrow...this time Saturday...this time next overwhelms me a little. We do enjoy our little life at home just the 2 of us, but I have a feeling we won't be able to remember what it was like. My husband unpacked and repacked his bag last night. He said because the weather was cooler, but I found it really entertaining.

We'll be induced first thing tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about that part, but at this point, I'm big. She's big. And I've decided if given the option, she's probably not coming out on her own free will. I was a little leery of posting our day of induction online, but the word's out. So if you were planning on doing something illegal/cruel, you should know that a. We don't have anything you'd probably find valuable and b. Our neighbors are watching you. REALLY. They're good like that.

We'll let you know how things turn out when we find a minute to breathe. We would appreciate your prayers as we begin this new phase.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This and That

I'm not going to get my hopes up the next time I think I'm having contractions. Because it's happened a few times this week and produced NO RESULTS. Please don't tell me to enjoy this part or to be content unless you are presently 1 day away from being 40 weeks pregnant and extremely the point that shoes are no longer an option. I am aware that our baby girl will come when she's ready. I'm fine with that. I'm just feeling slightly impatient. And I can assure you that if you were in my shoes, or lack there of, you'd feel the same way. I'm not being ugly. I prefer to call it honest...with a smile.

Yay for Zion Chapel! They won last night! So happy for those boys and their coaches. I don't think they come any better (I may be partial). They're all what we call "good people" and they deserve some success. They never quit. It says a lot for their character. And I'm proud of them.

I saw Mario yesterday morning...and it absolutely, without a doubt, made my day. I pulled into school and saw our janitor in his truck. He resembles Mario. The kids refer to him as Mario sometimes. But I had no idea he would come to school dressed as Mario yesterday. He had on overalls, a red shirt, and had made buttons and an M for his hat. Isn't that GREAT???? I took his picture with a miniature Luigi, but I'd like to get permission from Luigi's mom before I post it. My brother said when he drove by ZC yesterday he could have sworn they were out front throwing fireballs and jumping on mushrooms. about an "it actually feels like fall" Saturday??? Floors clean, everything dusted, candle lit, etc. Oh, doesn't it feel good? I'm going to wash clothes in a bit and if all those socks come out with a match, it will be a perfect day ; ) Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh I hope...

I'm experiencing signs of good things to come...we'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few Things You Should Know:

a. I bought a freezer today. Paid for it. We pulled around to load it. What do you know? They don't have anything but the floor model that they won't give me a discount on. And the lady really doesn't want to let me have it (even though I've already paid for it) because it's already sold. I thought I was going to have to go "Bedsole". I'm big. I'm uncomfortable. And you already charged my debit card. I'm taking that freezer. (It's in my garage now.)

b. I went to the doctor today thinking maybe...just maybe I'd get to be induced on Tuesday. Wrong. Although...I prayed that if we didn't need to induce, that we wouldn't have that decision to make. I wish now I hadn't prayed that. ; ) EK will be arriving on her own time. The next date that could be possible for induction is AFTER my due date. Thinking of this happening at a random time makes me a little nervous. And excited. All at once.

c. I have 1 string cheese left. I was thinking I might not need any next week if I weren't pregnant anymore. Mistake.

d. My husband's 10 year reunion is this weekend. I'm a cradle robber. I admit it. He's really cute though. I couldn't help myself.

e. The Backup Plan is not a good movie to see when you're 9 months pregnant.

f. I mentioned in my last post that some friends of ours got really exciting news. We just met these friends last year. But we've shared many a mexican meal in the past year. We thoroughly enjoy them. They've struggled with some fertility issues for about 5 years now. She's had 4 surgeries, 5 failed artificial inseminations, and 1 failed in vitro fertilization. She asked me for my doctor's name last Friday morning. I asked if she was pregnant. She told me no. She called Friday night and told me she fibbed. She had some bloodwork done this week and is most definitely pregnant. I am more than thrilled for them. At some point she was told there was a less than 10% chance that she would get pregnant. God is so BIG and so faithful. Please keep them in your prayers.

Have a marvelous weekend! And Roll Tide!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the Time Draws Near...

It seems like we were just calling our parents that Monday morning back in February to tell them our good news...kind of. The first part of this pregnancy seemed so slow...and so rough. But I can't believe we're near the end! Our doctor visit last week was uneventful. I am progressing normally, but no big news. I go back this Thursday for another check. We discussed induction with her, just so we would be prepared to make that decision, should it come to that. I'm still not sure how I feel about it all. I love to have a plan, but I'm scared of it too. We're just waiting to see what this week brings. The carseat's in. The bags are packed. And my toes are done. We're READY.

We had company this weekend! Yay! Jim and Brittany spent the weekend with us. We enjoyed lots of football and some time outside by the outdoor fireplace last night. The food wasn't bad either. We all went to church together this morning. It was just a good time...we don't get together all that much and I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. The highlight of the weekend was seeing that Jim put the grill cover over the TV that we had rolled out back. He was helping...he told us he wasn't sure it fit right. Priceless.

I haven't blogged, but I posted some Facebook photos. Our nursery is done! I came home from the doctor Thursday night to find a light on in the nursery and the stroller in the living room. I was concerned that someone had been in our house. Bradley knew all along...he keeps secrets well. My mom and Teresa had been here all afternoon working on the nursery. I LOVE it! It's so sweet.

I'd like to add that some good friends of ours got the BEST news this week. We are more than thrilled for them. And when the time is right, I'd love to share their story.

Here's to a good week for all of us...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

37 weeks and some days

We have accomplished MUCH this week (Thank goodness...we're running out of time). Bradley has gotten a whole lot done. He's pretty handy...and I'm thankful for him. I've been cleaning and getting everything ready. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I will be 38 weeks on Monday. I "think" I'm having some contractions. But I'm not sure because I've never done this before. They only come a few times a day...usually at night. B is a little paranoid I think. He texts me more than usual. I told him I wouldn't forget to let him know if anything big happened. Last night we discussed how we wouldn't be sleeping a whole lot in the next couple of months, but I don't sleep now! I get up on a regular basis.

We had date night last night. I've been craving crab claws. When we went to the beach for our anniversary, no one had them due to the oil spill. So last night I finished off my entire basket of crab claws (for the record, until this pregnant experience I have NEVER been one to eat much), then we headed to the movies to see Life As We Know It. I thought it was fitting. It was an excellent movie. I cried. I laughed. A LOT. I asked Bradley if he felt like we were dating. He said except for the basketball under my shirt, YES. Speaking of dating, tomorrow is 3 years since our first date! I figure I should remember these things while I still can. My, how life has changed in 3 years. And I love it. I stayed up late Sunday night reading some of our first blog entries. We are so blessed. There were definitely times that I wondered what God was up to. I'll be honest. There were times I felt like God was being very unfair. But His plans are so good. And our lives are abundantly blessed.

Hope you're enjoying your week. The nursery is supposed to be done on Sunday! Pictures to come.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello Fall Break!

I'm laying in the recliner and Bradley's about to begin his "list". We have SO much to get done this week. My legs and ankles are HUGE today. I'm hoping they'll return to "normal" after a week at home.

I went to the doctor on Thursday. EK is definitely head down and ready to go. They estimated her weight to be 6 lb 7 oz. and I have 3 weeks left! I was hoping for 6 lb and some ounces AT her arrival. Everything looked good and I return next Thursday.
To keep on the pregnancy topic. I'm a little concerned that we may have another pregnancy at our house. Molly sure is "changing". I hope I'm wrong. But I think we're going to make a quick trip to the vet this week just to be sure. She's been booted out of the house. And has done really well.

Bradley's attacking the outside list today. We still have lots on the inside list too. The nursery looks like Babies R Us exploded in there. And no, I am NOT complaining. We have so many sweet family members and friends who have been more than generous. Now, I just have to get it all put up and ready for use. The carseat is going in today (YAY!) and I'm going to get our bag ready. Yes, we know it might be several weeks, but I like to be prepared. And at the moment, I'm not. I realize that we really can't be "prepared" for what's about to take place. But I prefer to control what I can, while I can.

The Merry Maids never did show up so I'm going to be forced to do it myself. Someone in my house that shall remain un-named asked me last Sunday if the Clean Underwear Fairy was taking a week off. I told him I thought she was on fall break, but I'd look into it. Happy Saturday to you all. And if you're lucky enough to have a week off...happy fall break!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello Fall

I love a MAGIC ERASER. Bradley's gone to his weekly meeting and I have been sitting in the kitchen floor cleaning cabinets and walls. The magic eraser is GREAT. I had a bit of a hard time getting out of the floor, but, Never Fear. I made it.

And no, I don't think I'm nesting. This is normal for me. I just feel like we have a lot to accomplish in these last 4 weeks. I was informed that I should NOT wash Ella Kate's new duds in Gain with our things. So I purchased some "special" detergent for her clothes. Oh My Gosh. That stuff was pricey. And my mother said, "That won't be the last thing you have to buy that's expensive." Such the encourager. This budget thing is working out quite nicely for us though. Bradley tells everyone he gets $20 a week whether he needs it or not. We even went shopping yesterday! It's been a while... We figured we'd better stock up before things get crazy around here.

You'll all be happy to know I didn't attack any fans at the game this week. I didn't even get upset. Tomorrow is officially 4 weeks left til D Day. So I figure I should just waddle to my seat and remain calm for the rest of the season. I've requested that EK not come on a Friday...or even a Thursday. I'm good with any other day though. I just think it would be nice if my husband were present for the birth. I'm kidding. He knows where he'll be. I return to the doc on Thursday. I'll let you know how that goes.

I absolutely love this weather. This time of year always reminds me how much we have to be thankful for. May your cup runneth over this week...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5th Grade Funnies

I am still loving 5th grade. I was talking to a co-worker the other day about a date for a baby shower. I told her I was easy. Any day was fine. She told me "obviously". She said that was what got me in this shape. I apologize if that's inappropriate. We're adults. It was hilarious. (Morgan, I won't tell you which coworker I'm talking about. )

The one thing I miss most about the little ones is the funny things they come up with. Today, it was a 5th grader that caused me to laugh...ALOT. He lost his house know...the one I tell him to put away on a daily basis. Well he was very concerned, but I promised not to send him home to sit in the yard. I asked if mom was at work. Yes. Did he know the number? No. Not to worry...I could look it up. But then he cracked me up. He said, "if you just get your cell phone and hit rocketdial, it will call her work." Huh? He repeats himself. At that point I realize that, bless his heart, he thinks everyone's cell phones have his mom's work programmed into rocketdial. Never fear. We found the key. But that was by far the best thing I've heard in a while.

I'm loving this weather!!! I know you are too. Is it appropriate to ride with the windows down with a newborn in the backseat? I figure not, so I'm doing it all I can right now. Have a marvelous week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pardon me while I vent...

I have lots to say today and I don't know where to start. I guess I should begin with the doctor visit on Wednesday. Everything was good. I measured a few weeks smaller than I actually am...hard to believe, I know. I weighed....A LOT. I will not even tell you how much I've gained. We're gonna chalk that up to the swelling, ok? It's all fluid and it will all go away when she's born. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I do plan to post pictures of my ankles at some point. They're bad. Trust me. My fifth graders have started commenting on them. Let me share with you the 3 comments I got yesterday:

1. My daughter in law just had a 9 pounder and she was much smaller than you.

2. You've "blown up".

3. You're having a skinny day today. You know, some days you look thinner than others.

Um, thanks??? Those comments probably didn't help my mood when the following occurred:

Bradley and I now teach at the same school....this is our 2nd year there. We love it. Good kids...really good kids. And we enjoy our peers. I knew when I married him there would be times that I would have to hold my tongue. Normally, I can handle that ok. Last night was a struggle for me though. I listened to a man tell the boys (over and over) not to give up because "one day they'd finally get some good coaches". Was it worth my concern? Probably not. But I'd like to share with you some things I know that others may not know. Those coaches run a shuttle service after practice. I've seen my husband have so many kids to take home, they won't fit in his truck. Does he mind? No. I've watched him bring a kid to our house each Thursday night so he can be sure he gets a good meal the night before a game. Is he giving him more than a meal? I certainly hope so. I know he prays for those kids. I know he prays for the coaches so they can "make good decisions and put the kids in a position to be successful". Is he required to do any of that? No. He loves those kids. They ALL love those kids. And they'd do anything in the world for them. Those people that man was talking about are somebody's fathers. They're somebody's sons. They're somebody's husbands. And they make a million sacrifices for those kids. If you think coaches everywhere are like that, they aren't. Be careful what you wish for. I don't think high school football is what life is all about. I do think being considerate in any situation...IS. I think the world of my husband. I don't think he's a saint. I think he's human. But I know without a doubt that there isn't a kid on that team that he wouldn't help. And it's tough for me to listen to those things when I know his heart. I'd dare say that most if not all of those coaches are the same way. I've made comments without considering who was listening. And I was wrong. Always consider the way your actions and words will affect those around you. You never know who's listening and watching.

Let's end on a lighter note: We have dip in the crock pot and pigs in a blanket in a bowl. I'm laying in the recliner, B's on the couch. And Bama plays in about an hour. RTR! If only the Merry Maids and the Laundry Fairy would show up....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Insanity and a Baby Shower

Tomorrow begins week five of football season. Which means I have 6 weeks left in my pregnancy. That's how I keep up with it. After tomorrow we'll be down to 5 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes. Seriously, though...the countdown is in full swing.

We had our first shower today. I was overwhelmed at how many people turned out. We are blessed with the sweetest family and friends. We received soooo many needed things. Until today we had a crib, a mattress, and some diapers. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the floor full of gifts in the nursery now. The OCD in me wants to start putting away things and have it all put up by bedtime. But my swollen ankles say "sit a while in that recliner". I just looked over my pictures and decided they must be distorted because there's no way my face is that puffy. Everyone else, however, looks normal. Thank you to everyone. We appreciate everything.

In other news.....I SURVIVED HOMECOMING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure that I've EVER had a busier week. I have a whole new perspective on things. Everything worked out, even though earlier in the week I was in panic mode thinking they would not. I told my principal on Thursday afternoon that I would be taking a personal "week" this week. Forget a personal day. I was kidding, although the thought of a week off sounds SO nice.

It's back to the doctor this week to see how things are progressing. She's still a very active baby girl. At times, I feel like she's going to kick out of there.

May your week be an easy, "go with the flow" kind of week. That's the kind I need.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Randomness

A: I get LOTS (too much) satisfaction out of doing laundry and having a match for every sock.

B: I'm signing Ella Kate up for soccer...soon.

C: In just days, I have watched the tree outside our french doors turn from green to yellow. I LOVE it!

D: I already have my fall candles lit.

E: I do not have my fall decor out because my husband says, "it's not fall yet". And he will be the one to get it out of our attic. I don't think I can fit through the opening.

and 6: (that will drive some of you nuts...along with the fact that I'm not ending on a multiple of 5 or 10) I'm wondering when football practice might possibly end because I'm STARVING and it is NOT my night to cook.

*Happy Hump Day*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you're happy and you know it,

clap your hands! CLAP! CLAP! I haven't felt this good in a while. I don't know where this energy is coming from, but I like it. It's been too long. I am, however, pretty uncomfortable if I have to sit or stand for any period of time (you should try riding on a bus while being this pregnant). Sleep isn't great, but Tylenol PM is my friend. And I am GROWING. I never thought my body could do this. Bradley and I both are ever amazed. I do have a plan for shaping it back up. We are signing up for a 5K in April. I don't want to hear all of your negative comments either. I know it will be hard. But I don't care. I did a 5K friend encouraged me to "tuck and roll" the last 1oth of a mile. I almost took her up on it. But it made me feel so good to know I finished. I'm determined to do it again. I have my "From Couch to 5K" plan in hand and I'm waiting. I'll keep you posted on that.

In other baby news, I'm reading this book on how to have a baby that sleeps. I tell my mom all the time that we're going to follow the book and it'll be a piece of cake. She laughs. Honestly, we aren't naive. We know. I'm sure we don't really KNOW. But we do have some clue that this is going to be tough for a while. We're both fairly laid back, and I'm hoping we continue to be that way. I also hope she has her daddy's temperament. He's more laid back than me. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. When we filled out our baby request application, we ordered a mild-mannered, sleeps through the night, can take her in public BABY. Why do you people thing we won't get it???? ; )

We had "date-night" last night. It was so nice to go out to eat and get to conversate for a change. Football season cuts down on our conversating considerably. But we enjoy it.

Our weekend is looking jam packed. Hope yours is fabulous. We're getting excited...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Free Information

Saw this on a blog that I stalk...thought I'd use it too.

Outside my window...dark and just stopped raining

The time is...11:14. Thank you again, restless legs.

Today I feel...emotional? hormonal? all of the above? YES.

I am is that I need to use the restroom again??????? I JUST went!

At the moment, I am thankful...for this baby girl kicking around in my tummy, even though she causes me much discomfort when I go to the bathroom 10 times in an hour.

I am school in the morning, then to practice, then home.

I am wearing...the same things over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

I were November, our baby girl was here and healthy, we were getting a handle on the parenting thing, and my body was deflating.

I am reading...Babywise.

I am hoping...I can relax enough to go to sleep soon.

I am working on...not being quite so OCD.

I am hearing...the computer keys and the ice maker.

I bet you didn't know...that I eat string cheese like it's going out of style.

One of my favorite...times is riding in the car with Bradley singing really loud while he just shakes his head.

My weekend plans include...working concessions at the Troy game and spending Sunday with Bradley because he is OFF! And lots of time with my feet up.

Hope your week is EXTRA good.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Somebody's Been Acting Right...

I had no practice, no errands, and nothing pressing to do today. My husband was going to a football game after practice so I declared this afternoon ALL ABOUT HOPE. I rode to Troy and got a pedicure. Sometimes things not in the budget are worth the splurge. I'd like to mention that the lady working in there rubbed my stomach...without permission. It was odd. I then came home and cooked a frozen pizza, which I ate every bit of. I told Bradley on my way home from Troy that the only way today could be better was if there was a magazine in the mailbox. Would you believe there were 3???????? Obviously I've been acting right. And now I'm eating ice cream.

I also found a 2nd pair of my favorite maternity jeans for $9.99 today. My first pair was no where near that price. Don't tell Bradley. That wasn't in the budget either.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

12 Random Thoughts

1. I miss all those sweet babies, but I LOVE 5th grade.

2. I still get to see the sweet babies in the hall, and this week one of them informed me that the baby had "to get out somehow". I started to tell him this was becoming a concern for me too.

3. It is very hard to reach my toes. This calls for a pedicure, don't you think?

4. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. And the countdown is ON.

5. I LOST a pound this month. Please don't be concerned. I gained enough last month to more then make up for it. I have been "making better choices" as my doctor put it.

6. I really love apple juice. I drink it from the jug. B tells me it reminds him of the movie, "Look Who's Talking". I don't know remember that part, but he thinks it's hilarious. I apologize to all of you who are offended that I drink from the jug. I promise not to offer you apple juice if you visit.

7. My ankles and feet start out normal on Monday, but my toes look like sausages by the end of the week, and my ankles are gone.

8. My husband yelled more than I've ever heard him yell Friday night. I found it very entertaining. He loves his job.

9. He finished painting the nursery last Sunday afternoon. There is now a desk sitting in the middle of my dining room waiting to be stored at my parents' house. It's making me nuts. It's been there all week.

10. We are now on a budget. I get $20 a week. If I take my lunch, I can spend my money on whatever I want. I'm proud of us. We've done well this month.

11. B made my lunch everyday this week. I love him. (not just bc he makes my lunch...that's a bonus)

12. I am currently enjoying the first of many Sunday afternoons alone. B always has meetings on Sundays during football season. I should tell you that I'm lonely. But I love it. He and I refer to it as "Hope time". I'm making the most of every Sunday, because I have this feeling that Sunday afternoons next football season will not be ALL ABOUT ME. And that's ok. Because she will be worth it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

He's a GOOD man

He painted until he ran out of paint. Then he started on this:
(He said we should have bought the display.)
And when he finished, it looked like this:
And I, currently, look like this:It makes me feel a little less stressed to know the crib is done. Thank you, B. If you're thinking that's what he had on the last time I posted pictures of him, I was just thinking the same thing. We'll just refer to it as his weekend outfit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yay for the Weekend!!!!!

We survived the first week! We both really like our classes this year. I'm getting adjusted to life in the 5th grade world. It's nice to be able to write directions on the board and have students who can read them and follow them without a whole lot of explanation. I am loving the ladies around me. They're fun, and I've heard some great stories over the last 2 weeks. B is liking his junior high classes. He was concerned at first about teaching that age group, but he's enjoyed them this week.

We're both SO busy and SO tired. My ankles started out good Monday morning, but by yesterday afternoon, they were ginormous. They're back to normal this morning. They just needed a weekend off. I took a picture of them earlier so I can remember that my ankles are not actually as fat as they appear most of the time. Football brings with it late nights at our house. When we both get home, we're too tired to say much. It makes us appreciate the weekends and time together a little more. I made breakfast this morning. It was nice to sit down together and talk while we ate our pancakes. AND our house is clean for the most part. That makes my heart smile. I'm ALL ABOUT a clean house. I don't know if that's a control thing or an OCD thing. But either way...I like it.

I'm hoping we get finished painting the nursery this weekend, and possibly the crib put together. Other than that, we're just hanging out at home. I don't care if it rains all day. In fact, I think it would be nice. Happy Weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back in Session

It's been a BUSY week at the Bowers House. School is back in session. So is football. Our grass is tall. Our laundry pile is taller. And my stomach gets bigger every day it seems. I don't even recognize my ankles. I think they're still in there...somewhere.

A little kindergarten girl who was attending Jumpstart yesterday made my day. She had to make a quick trip to the restroom and I was passing by so she walked with me. She asked me first, "Is you the cool people?". I thought How can she tell??????? So I told her that I absolutely was "the cool people". She then said, Is you work here". Yes. She proceeded to show me her scar from a previous surgery. I asked if that was a long time ago. I knew it was gonna be good when she began her answer with "See, first I was in my mommy's tummy." I got the whole spill and she ended with "and now I'm here". She did interrupt the story to tell me she thought we'd passed the potty. It was quite the conversation and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We plan on doing ABSOLUTELY nothing this weekend. Exhausted does not begin to describe us. Hope your weekend is relaxing!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time's Up!

We are finishing up our last "childless" summer. We've slept as late as we wanted, gone where we wanted to go, ate what we wanted, and done absolutely whatever we wanted to do. I have a feeling that's about to end. As excited as we are about Ella Kate's arrival, it also scares me more and more as it approaches. I have no doubt she will be worth every bit of the change that is about to take place in our lives, but that doesn't keep me from wondering if we're ready for this.

Monday kicks off our school year and football season at the Bowers house. We've been at school this past week as much as we've been at home...trying to prepare so we aren't drowning in "to do's" next week. My room's ready for the most part. I had a moment of "what am I doing???" last week one day when I thought about making the transition from 1st to 5th grade. I could handle the first day with 1st graders with my eyes closed. But I've never done the 5th grade thing. I am most excited about the ladies I get to work with and around. Maybe they'll keep me sane with all the change we're about to go through. I have also been "promoted" as someone put it to varsity cheerleader coach. The girls are fun. It's just way more responsibility than I ever realized. But we'll all survive and we'll enjoy doing it. Bradley's just hoping we'll both get through football season without Ella Kate making an early arrival. She's due 3 days after the last regular season game.

Just for the record, I have gotten most of my TO DO list completed this summer. Except that the nursery is not painted. Does the test paint on the wall count? I have all the supplies sitting in the nursery floor along with the crib that is still in the box. Maybe we'll get to that soon.

We're spending our last day in the pool and B said he would grill later if I act right. I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Beach and a Baby Picture

Bradley and I left late Thursday night after workouts for the beach. We spent the day Friday on the beach. It was beautiful. I sat in the edge of the water for a long time. Then I camped out under the umbrella for a while. There's nothing like a sandwich and a drink from the cooler on the beach. We tried out a new place to eat that night, The Old Florida Fish House. It's not new but we'd never been. It was SO good. Actually, since I've been pregnant, there's not much that I don't find to be "SO good". Yesterday we slept late, then went out for breakfast...we waited forever to eat. I guess everyone wanted a good breakfast yesterday. We made a Target run, then sat on the beach all afternoon. A lady fell over backwards in her beach chair right beside us. You'll be happy to know I held it together...I've always been one to get tickled pretty easily, but lately I get so tickled I can't stop laughing...usually at the most inappropriate times. Last night we had a late dinner. I had grilled fish for the first time...very good. I usually liked fried or blackened, but indigestion is the enemy right now, and I didn't think I should try that. We slept late this morning, then headed home. But not before I ran smack into the sliding glass door and laughed hysterically. I then cried for about 30 minutes on the way home for no apparent reason. I couldn't even tell Bradley why I was crying. I have no idea. I fought it for some time...and I kept my sunglasses on for a while, but he was on to me. He just helped me find a tissue and shook his head.
I'll jump back to last Wed and post a picture from our 4D ultrasound. This baby is without a doubt a daddy's girl. Her mouth and nose look identical to his. I'm good with that. I think he's pretty. I won't tell you how much weight I've gained, but I will say there is NO way that scale was right. Absolutely NO WAY.

One last week before I have to go back to work...lots of last minute stuff to do, along with some floating around the pool. Hope you all have a fabulous week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Anniversary Post #2

I am starting this post at 3:40 a.m. Thank you, Restless Legs Syndrome. Have I mentioned that although I'm thankful and very aware of how worth it Ella Kate will be, pregnancy has not been the fun experience I expected? Marriage, however, is a different story. It has been more than I expected...and most definitely a fun experience thus far. I feel like we've been married so much longer than 2 years, but I mean that in a positive way. Many things have happened in just 2 years. Our wedding day seems like it was ages ago. But I still remember so much so vividly.

I was determined not to be stressed on our wedding day. I had been living on my own for 4 years in an apartment that I loved. I wanted to stay there by myself one last night the night before our wedding. It was late when I got in bed. When I got up the next morning, I lay in bed for hours reading a book, The Convenient Groom. I started it earlier that week and wanted to finish that morning. I walked over to the church (across the street) to check things out. I don't recall having breakfast or lunch that day (or supper for that matter), but surely I ate something. When Jennifer arrived to do my hair, I had not even showered! All the bridesmaids arrived and my mom came. We all got ready together. My brother got a haircut on my porch because he had failed to do so before then. It was such an enjoyable time. My husband-to-be thought he needed a round of golf that morning. I have since found out that he drove extremely fast to get back and barely made it to the church on time. We chose to see each other before and had a time together, just the 2 of us. I had written in a journal all the things I could remember from our first date to the present. I gave it to him when we saw each other. He became a little emotional, but I was pretty impressed with how well I was holding up. Pictures began, and were over pretty quickly. We laughed through most of the pictures. The groomsmen were good entertainment that day. I went back to the apartment with the girls. We watched as people began to arrive. The church was packed, and that's an understatement. We were overwhelmed at the number of people who showed up to share in our day with us. We were and continue to be so blessed with people who love us and support us. As the time arrived, the bridesmaids left and my daddy and I were alone. I remember walking over together. As he and I prepared to enter the church, he said something to me that I will remember forever. It wasn't sappy. It was hilarious. And it's probably best that I don't share it on here. But it fits my daddy to a T. I remember everything about the music starting and the doors opening. By the time I got down the aisle to Bradley I was EMOTIONAL. I wasn't sure I would hold it together. I remember Bradley blowing in my eyes. I remember telling him my feet were killing me and I'd never wear those shoes again. He told me he'd never wear his again either. I had my engagement ring on, and I remember him trying to get me to take it off so my wedding band would go on first. I never understood what he meant, and I never took it off. I was so emotional that my vows were a whisper. I could barely speak. I knew if I started crying, I would lose it. My very favorite memory was near the end of the service. My first principal, Mr. Franks, played the trumpet during a time of prayer. It was AMAZING. And during that time, my new husband leaned over me and prayed with me for our life together. It is without a doubt, my fondest memory of our wedding. I remember that Bradley held my face when he kissed me. It was so gentle and sweet. After we were presented, I remember realizing for the first time, just how many people were in the church. I saw all the people standing in the back and in the balcony. I don't remember much about the short trip to the reception. I remember just how good the cakes were...I've never tasted better. That was all I ate at the reception, the cake we fed each other and a Mt. Dew. We have no clue what our first dance was to, but we think it was a Keith Whitley song. I do remember dancing to "I Let Her Lie" at some point, which we thought was hilarious for a song at a wedding reception. My feet hurt worse than they've ever hurt in all my life. I told Bradley the truth, I've never worn those shoes again. They sit on the top shelf in our closet. We left in the smokey glow of sparklers and with a fire truck escort, complete with lights and sirens (Thank you, Stae!). We found Bradley's truck fully decorated at the apartment. I thought Bradley would be so ready to leave Luverne, but he thought he should wash one load of clothes before we left. I sat on the couch and ate rice while I waited.

I remember eating wedding cake for breakfast the next morning, and we left Montgomery for Atlanta. We slept for many hours that afternoon in Atlanta. We were absolutely exhausted. We flew out of Atlanta for beautiful Jamaica on Monday morning at the crack of dawn. Our honeymoon was so much fun and so pretty. I would love to go back one day.

I'm not a girl who's dreamed of her wedding all her life. But it was everything I wanted. We were so worried that things would be a big blur. They weren't. We made it a point to soak up every detail (which I just shared with you. I apologize. It's long. I know.) I hope our lives are like that. I hope we soak in every detail, and remember it forever. (Maybe, not the morning sickness, I could do without that memory. I still live that one every now and then.)

Marriage has been so much sweeter, funnier, and happier than I ever imagined it could be. God sent me His best for me in Bradley. I am so grateful. It's not always easy. It's hard for you to imagine, I know, but sometimes we're not nice to each other. Usually, that would be me. I will admit that I have tried to push his buttons (once or twice). He always forgives me. We say often, that for the most part, it is "easy". We don't always have to talk. We don't have to be entertained. We enjoy each other's company. And we still enjoy doing our own things. We are immeasurably blessed, and very thankful for the lives God has given us. Thank you, God for the past 2 years. Thank you, Bradley, for your patience with me, for the love you give me (even when I'm ill, as you tell me). I love you more now than I could have imagined when we stood before God and those people and committed our lives to each other only 2 short years ago. Happy Anniversary. I'd like to close with the chorus from the song that we used at the end of our wedding ceremony.

Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
How great thou art
How great thou art
Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
How great thou art
How great thou art.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Daddy's Girl

We've made 3 different attempts on 3 different days at some 4D pictures of Ella Kate. She refuses to move her hands and arms from in front of her face.
And we wonder why???????????

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Heart Summer!

Can you tell we don't have a baby yet? And that I'm out for the summer? I've been posting pretty regularly. Don't look for that to continue in August. We'll be swimming in school, football, cheerleading, and piles of dirty laundry by then. But for now, life is so fun!

We took off for Destin yesterday morning. We adults still like to do a little school shopping every summer. Pregnancy makes shopping for me not so fun, and more so expensive. I made up for it with all the stuff I bought for Ella Kate. I'm getting so excited about this baby girl! Bradley bought more than both of us. He says he does not have a lot of clothes...this is is not true. I told him the only way he could get more shirts is to get rid of as many or more than he bought. The walls of our closet may explode if he doesn't.

After a little shopping and a quick lunch, we went to see some good friends and some family for the afternoon. The Ingalls, who I lived with in college, were at the beach for the week. When I was a single girl, I went with them several summers. Those were fun times. They have a large family and I loved it. Yesterday, we got to see some of them and we spent the afternoon with Mrs. Sally. We went out to dinner with her and visited some more. Then we made the late drive home. I am so thankful for them. I love talking with Mrs. Sally and Mr. Terry. They are precious to me.

I also am thankful for summers off where we can load up and drive to Destin to stay all day. The beach was beautiful. I'm thankful for a husband who enjoys it as much as I do, and is willing to take off for the day with me. We have some great conversations in the car. Sometimes we learn a lot about each other. Often I hear stories that he's never told me. It's so funny to me.

Tonight we're having several teachers and their husbands over. I'm excited! It's a blessing to enjoy the people that you work with, and we love having people over. Maybe I'll take some pictures. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anniversary Post #1

We've almost been married 2 years! It's gone by so fast and it feels like our lives have been changing at warp speed. We now have new jobs, a new house, a dog, and baby on the way. There are so many little things that happened around the time of our wedding. I want to post them so I'll have them to remember when life gets crazier than it already is around here. I'll post in 2 parts so that all of you won't get bored halfway through and stop reading.

We got engaged at the beginning of April and planned our wedding for July 19th (our first date was October 14th). We didn't have tons of time, but that was fine with us. We knew we had to get the wedding in before football started. A few weeks before the wedding, I backed Bradley's truck into a light pole...I left quite a dent in the bumper. I was already stressed and that added to it. I also had planned for my reception to be at the Ag Center in Luverne. On a whim, I called to make sure everything was good with our reservation. I was told that it had been double booked and we would not be able to use it. I had no idea what we would do. A couple of friends came to the rescue and we were able to book the country club at the last minute. I am normally a fairly calm person, but that was not the case that day...not even close. It all worked out better than the original plan though. God's like that. Yesterday I was cleaning out some books and found a devotion from the week that it all occurred. It was called "Divine Interventions" and I remember finding it very encouraging that week.

Bradley and I got along really well the whole time (9 months) that we dated. The week prior to the wedding, I thought we might kill each other. Experts refer to that as stress. One particular memory was the Wednesday night before the wedding. I was staying at my parents house one last time as a single girl. Bradley picked me up to take ferns to the church in Luverne. We snapped at each other the whole trip, and on the way home he decided he needed some french fries. I don't know why that bothered me, but I went into this spill about how he had already had supper (experts call that nagging). He gave me no response and pulled up to the speaker in the drive through. After several minutes of waiting, I told him that maybe God was trying to tell him he didn't need those fries. He pulled off (really fast) without any fries. We didn't speak all the way back to Opp.

Bradley's grandmother gave him a letter the week of the wedding and he asked me to read it to him as we rode somewhere one day. I started to read and got through the first few sentences. I remember folding it up and sobbing because I was so emotional and just could not read it.

The Thursday night before the wedding, all the bridesmaids and I went for pedicures and mexican. Is there any better combination? I left Troy late that night and found several messages on my phone from Bradley. When I finally reached him, he wanted to know if I had been contacted about the tent. He wouldn't tell me what was going on. I found out that our tent had not been set up completely and Ms. Jean couldn't get under it to set things up. I think I called the tent guy sometime after 10 that night. The tent was fixed the next morning.

I'm not sure how much you'll all enjoy reading these details, but it makes me smile to think back. It was such a fun time. It was stressful, but it was so much fun. So many people told me their weddings were a blur. We were determined not to let ours be that way. I remember so much and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you in Anniversary #2.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yay for a Week Off!

We teachers have the whole summer off, but that's not entirely true. Bradley has workouts so it's hard for us to schedule much. But he has all of next week off and I am so excited. I have a list of things for him to get done, but I'll let him rest some too. We have NO plans for the 4th except lunch with my parents. His parents are off on a cruise, but I'm sure we can manage to give their pool some good use this week. That's our plan for today along with putting up peas. I just came in from our backyard, and the weather is's like a spring morning...breezy and comfortable. Yesterday was hot, but so much better than it's been. I even did a few things outside yesterday, and that has been impossible so far this summer. Bradley did A LOT outside yesterday. It looks nice and I'm very appreciative.

We capped off the day with dinner and a movie with friends. Bradley grew up at VBS every summer with Morgan. They always celebrated their birthdays together at Bible School because there was one day between them. Morgan also did us the honor of singing in our wedding. So after 2 years of trying to plan a dinner date, we finally got together with she and her husband, Matt, last night. We had Mexican (yay!!!) and went to see Eclipse. I've never read the books, but have been told I'm missing out. I've seen the other 2 movies, but slept through the end of the last one. It would be safe to say they are not my favorites. But I was pretty impressed with Eclipse. I think that's the latest we've been out in a very long time. It's the first time we've been able to go to a movie since I found out I was pregnant. Morning/all day sickness will change your way of life for sure. I've been told that a baby will do the same thing. It was an extra good day all around. I love days like that.

One more thing that added to the "goodness" of yesterday. I had to make a quick trip to my moms yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful, so I let my windows down and opened the sunroof. I also broke out a few old cd's. I had high school/college music blaring from my speakers. I have always enjoyed riding in the car by myself, but windows down and loud music can make my day. It was all good until all 458 napkins on my console exploded through my sunroof. It was hilarious and I had a pretty good laugh in the car all by myself. No, I did not go back and pick them up. I'm sorry. I would never have found them all.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend! Be safe.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Thrill of Accomplishment

I've been checking things off the list this week. It gives me some sort of sick satisfaction to get things done. I lean towards being OCD at times.
Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned, my eyes checked, and my fabric picked out for the nursery. (The bottom 3 are the main 3 are accents.) I also had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a long time (I enjoyed it, Julie!) and stopped to visit some friends afterwards. How impressed are you? Hold on, I'm not finished. Vacation clothes are washed, a few cabinets have been cleaned out, and I started on our front bedroom tonight. I think I had 37 empty shoe boxes...although I'm not sure why. They are now in the trash can and I have a load for Good Will that will fill the back of my car. I'll be ok as long as Bradley doesn't start looking through it. I also got started putting things away in my new classroom today. Yay! I needed this grade level change. I am thrilled about the coming year. So many exciting things ahead.

On an unrelated side note, Bradley decided at 10 Sunday night that we should watch a movie. Simple joys... We watched State of Play...great movie. I recall the days when we dated and sat TOGETHER to watch movies. We don't do that anymore. He says we used to sit together because all I had was a couch and a chair that was uncomfortable. Lately I feel like he's wishing we had seperate beds. I cannot sleep. I think I have restless legs syndrome...I've read this is brought on by pregnancy. My legs jerk all night. It makes me insane and I can't imagine how he feels. I've moved to the recliner the last couple of nights. I ate a couple of Oreos this morning about's scientifically proven to help me relax. I don't know if it was that or the Tylenol...but eventually I fell asleep.

Hope everyone is having an extra good week. I plan to check some more things off the list this week.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation and Back to the Real World

We are finally home from our week away. It was very relaxing, but I underestimated how hard it would be for a pregnant girl to sit on a hot beach. Normally, you wouldn't find me anywhere but on the beach. This trip, however, was a different story. We spent some time on the beach, but we also looked at some of the historic sites on the island and ate some really good food. Jekyll Island is a beautiful place. It also has more history than I realized. My history teacher husband was all about that. We got lots of reading done while we were there. And I might have napped a little. We are thankful for the time away, but also thankful to be back home. Now it's time to think of ALL the things we need to accomplish before the summer's end. First of all, I am changing grades in the teaching world. I will now teach 5th grade, and I'm really excited about the change. I requested this move months ago, but it was recently approved. I will teach 3 science classes and 1 reading class. I needed this move and feel certain it will be a good one. I will have to make a conscience effort not to tie their shoes or wipe their noses, but it won't take me long to get into the swing of things. That being said, I have not unpacked the first box at school. And believe me, there are MANY boxes to be unpacked. How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff??????
Also, the baby on the way...she needs a room. And we have done nothing in there. I have looked at bedding fabric, but haven't made any decisions. I hope to at least get that picked out next week. Walls to paint, a crib to put together, we haven't registered for the first thing, we haven't picked out anything but a stroller!!! Football season begins in August, and by the end, we'll have a new baby girl. So my hopes are to accomplish all this in July. I made my list last night. I'm ready to start marking things off. I also intended to put up peas (which I've never done), clean out our front bedroom so we could have company one day, get a new couch, redo our shed/watch Bradley redo our shed, and clean out our garage. There will be a sign up sheet posted by our front door for anyone who's interested in helping.
I also would like to find some time in there to lay IN the pool, read some books, have lunch with some college friends, and have some friends over for dinner. And I WILL. I will always make time for the most important things.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bradley!

I attempted to blog this morning before Bradley was up, but our internet was not cooperating. We are in Jekyll Island, GA on our one last hurrah before we have a baby. We are camping and for those of you who just imagined us in a tent for a week, you do NOT know us well. We brought a camper complete with running water (hot water), a potty of our own, a shower, a.c., and the best bed ever made. We love sleeping in here. I think we sleep better here than we do at home. You can make a camper really cold and that's the way we like it. We spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon riding around the island. The beach is pretty, but definitely not as pretty as the Gulf. There is a beach called Driftwood Beach that we checked out this afternoon. I think we're planning on going there tomorrow.

Today is Bradley's birthday. I am so thankful for him. There were a lot of times in the last 5-10 years that I wondered if God had anyone for me. Oh, but He did. And he's better than anything I could have imagined for myself. He was every bit worth the wait. He has more patience than anyone I know. He's kind. He can cook...well. He makes me laugh a lot. But he's serious too. AND I personally think he's easy to look at. I told him last night that he could fix anything. I have always looked at my daddy that way, and I look at Bradley the same way. He pulled this camper for 7 hours yesterday, then set it up like a pro last night, and THEN took me out to eat. I look forward to seeing him with Ella Kate. I think he's going to be the best daddy. Thank you, God, for the best you had for me. He's everything I wanted and more. I love you, Bradley. I hope your day has been great.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Active Baby and a Hilarious Husband

We went for our ultrasound yesterday. It's still a girl. She wiggled the entire time. I've been telling Bradley that she moves all the time...especially after I eat. We went out for lunch just before our appointment so she was definitely on the move during the ultrasound. It's a little early for a 4-D but they tried to let us see her face. She wasn't very cooperative. She wouldn't stay still long enough to get a good picture. As I sit here, it feels like she's turning flips.

I had a workshop in Troy today and I wasn't sure where I was going. My sweet husband put the address in the GPS and put it in my car before I left. As I started down the road, I looked at the screen and realized he had made me a blue monster truck with HUGE tires. He makes me laugh. Last night we were driving through our neighborhood and there was a man on a motorized wheelchair walking his little dog. Bradley made some comment about how strong that little dog was to pull that man in that chair. (That is SO something my daddy would say.) And earlier this week we were in a local store. There was a metal pole laying on the counter that they use to get clothes down from the top racks. Bradley leans over and whispers that he thinks they handle snakes in there. He's been on a roll lately. And I love him.

We're off next week for one last hurrah before we have a baby. I can't wait!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Broken Bone, Exhaustion, Swollen Ankles, and Laughter

We took off bright and early Tuesday morning for cheer camp in Auburn. This is my first experience as a cheer coach, but I'm learning a lot. FAST. I will begin this post by saying we have only 3 returning girls and 6 brand new cheerleaders. We've ALL come a long way (myself included). Tuesday night, we competed in a Home Pom competition. We placed 4th. They did SO GOOD. It was their best performance yet. Because there were only 7 JV squads there, we were all grouped together for competition, rather than divided into small and large. We were the smallest squad in our division, competing against a squad of 20 and a squad of 18. I was more than proud of them.

We had a small crash on Wednesday morning that resulted in a broken wrist. The wrist belonged to our main flyer so it threw us for a loop. But the girls recovered well, and she came back to join us, cast and all. She even brought her meds with her and there were a few times I thought I might need to borrow some. We competed again this morning with 2 routines. We placed 3rd with one of those routines. Also, 2 of our girls went out for All Stars and both made it. Our varsity girls won camp champs for both of their routines. They were great.

I was very unprepared for the heat and the walking. I don't know how far it was from our dorm to the coliseum, but it was A LONG WAY. We walked there and back 3 times each day. I thought I might not make it. To say I was swollen was an understatement. I did catch a ride at least once a day, but not often enough. Last night I got to visit with the couple I lived with in college, The Ingalls. Right after I finished college in Troy, they moved to Auburn. I was so glad they came to see me. I enjoyed seeing them.

My girls were entertaining (as always). They shared a lot of laughter, most of it probably when they were supposed to be sleeping. It hasn't been so long that I've forgotten what camp is like as a camper. We all came home exhausted. I am so proud of them and enjoying this experience. While I was gone, my husband cleaned our carpet and rug. He also cleaned our bathroom and put clean sheets on our bed. He probably did more, but those are the things I've discovered. He's the BEST. Our plans for this weekend and next week are few. It will take me that long to recover....

And by the way...Jim is now a Slocomb Redtop. Yah!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Weekend with the Bowers Family

My husband played in a golf tournament yesterday (and won) which I thought entitled me to a day of shopping alone. I can do some damage when I'm alone. But I was given a spending limit. I adhered to that...kind of. I bought my first things for Ella Kate. I told Bradley that did not count towards my limit because it was not for me. He shook his head. (I get that response all the time!)
My nausea has been better than ever for a couple of days. I'm scared to type that for fear that it will return. I had forgotten what it was like to not feel sick. It is a nice feeling and one I don't plan to take for granted. Thank you, Lord. I have prayed and prayed to feel normal again. It's a good thing because I will be leaving bright and early Tuesday morning for a week of cheerleader camp in The Land of Evil. That's right. We're heading to Auburn. ; ) They've worked really hard and come so far. We compete in a home pom competition Tuesday night. I hope all their work pays off. I'm definitely proud of them regardless of the outcome. If you run into my husband this week, and he looks hungry, please invite him over for dinner. If I were my mom, I would have his meals prepared for the week. But I'm not her. I did buy sandwich meat and frozen pizzas. Does that count? This will be the longest we've been apart since we got married. I'll let you know how that goes.We're being lazy together this Sunday afternoon. I've made brownies and he's promised to grill hamburger steaks tonight. The picture above is what I've been looking at as I blog. Bradley's practicing. Have an extra good week. I'll try to have pictures to post when I return.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jim has been to 2 interviews in 2 days and has a 3rd tomorrow. We're excited for him and he seems to be excited too. We're praying that God will place him in the job that he needs to be in. We do have a preference, as one is particularly close to us. But we also know that sometimes we don't know best. He feels good about both interviews so far. He can talk to anyone. He is definitely my daddy's son.

This week has been a nice start to summer. For some reason unknown to me, I scheduled cheerleader practice at 8:00 every morning this week. (they're doing so good! I'm proud of them!) I think my reasoning was practice early, tan afterwards. Well the rain threw a kink in that. I've been napping instead of tanning. We did get to swim for a few hours this afternoon before the storm rolled in. There's nothing like a good swim, then coming home to be lazy while it storms.

In other news, we will not be attending Bama Jam this year. We didn't think pregnancy/nausea/ heat/crowds would be a good combination. So we opted out. I did send my boots to Bama Jam...with Brittany. She promised there would be no mud wrestling or jello wrestling while wearing my boots. This came as a relief to Bradley. It took me quite a while to convince him that I "needed" those boots "really bad". I think I'll teach Ella Kate those words pretty soon after birth. We could team up, and get all kinds of things that we "need really bad".

Hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 28, 2010

And her name will be...

Ella Kate. Unless she grows an appendage...and then we'll go with Hudson. Bradley's great-grandmother was named Kate. He thought a lot of Granny and I've heard some stories about Granny that are great. We both just like the name Ella. If you're reading this and you're due before me and take my name, I might hunt you down.

School is OUT and I am so glad. Days like today make me think if we don't get out of here soon, I could do something illegal. Too much to get done and 146.5 stories for me to listen to. I do love them. I'll love them all the more in August. My plan for this summer is to float, get bigger, and tan.

Although this was a happy day for the most of us, there are many teachers who received bad news on the last day of school. My brother was one of them. I am so upset for him. Not so much as a "thank you for what you've done here" or a "we're sorry to have to do this". It's a shame. I know the time he put into that school. And they lost a great teacher and coach. But we know that God has better plans. We've known this was a possibility for quite some time. And our prayer has been that God would place Jim where He wanted him. Please pray for him as he begins to search for a new job.

I'll end this post on a happier note. My "begin summer right" plan is this: I'm out to eat tonight with friends, swimming afterwards because I CAN, and possibly to Opp tomorrow morning to see the parents and share in a delicious Hardee's biscuit. I use the term share loosely. I will definitely have my very own biscuit, and possibly 2.

(Sidenote: I am currently watching Bradley chase Molly trying to trim her nails. It's very entertaining.)

Happy Summertime!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a Girl!

At least we're 95% sure it's a girl or so we were told. I'm only 16 weeks and didn't have a scheduled ultrasound, but Brittany, who I used to beat in basketball all the time ; ) , was working when we went for a checkup yesterday and I asked her to let us peek. First she told me a girl. Then she told me she wasn't positive. Then she told me she was 90% sure, but she wanted the other tech to look. She also told me to "leave the tags on anything pink." The other tech came in to check, and Baby Bowers has decided to sit up on her knees. (You'd think I could feel this, but I don't.) They bounced the probe on my stomach a little, and she finally adjusted so they could see. They told me they were 95% sure it was girl. She said she'd be shocked if it wasn't. I'd post pictures, but I can't figure out how to work our scanner, so when B gets home, I'll let him scan them in and I'll add them.

We're thrilled that it's a girl! I was a little surprised, but Bradley thought all along it was a girl. I think a girl will be fun. Bradley is thinking more expensive than fun. You know I can do some shopping. B is concerned she'll like to shop as much as me. I already have purchased 3 swimsuits for this summer. He just shakes his head, but I plan on exercising/floating (more floating than exercising) a lot this summer. And every girl needs a swimsuit rotation. What does he expect me to do??? Wear the same one every day?

Hope everyone's weekend is very relaxing during this busy time of year...if you need me I'll be trying out 1 of my 3 new suits and "taking a tan" as my friend calls it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekdays are good. Weekends are better.

It's 9:30 on Saturday morning. Molly is asleep on her bed by my chair. Bradley is still asleep, we're going over to the in-laws in a bit to "take a tan", AND our house is clean, clean, clean...that makes for a good morning. We've had a busy week. Bradley finished up spring football last night. I have cheerleader camp in less than a month. So we're both putting in our time at school right now. All that and I still cooked a few times this week and cleaned. I know, I're impressed. :)

I have a few random things to share. First of all, we hope to find out if we're having a boy or girl on Thursday. We are so excited. Also, we now have a doppler at our house. (Thank you, mother-in-law.) It is THE BEST. I listen to that heartbeat at least 3 times a day. It makes it all seem a little more real. I can't feel the baby yet, but I can hear it moving with the doppler. I'm hoping to be able to feel it soon.

Last night after the spring game, we had a late mexican dinner with the Bartons and the Manesses. I know the people there were wondering when we'd all go home. It was so much fun...lots of laughs and a few stories made my eyes get really BIG. I also enjoyed seeing 3 men sitting in a row with matching shirts on. It doesn't take much to entertain me.

And one last thing: I teach first grade and my kids always say the funniest things. This week has been no exception. I got a little sick in class Thursday morning. While this was happening I heard a student say to another student, "she's ok. That baby's just kicking her and making her sick." Yesterday we were making aquariums to go along with our study of the ocean. We used paper plates and plastic wrap. I was helping them put them together and A said, "Mrs. Bowers, how'd you get so good at this?" I laughed and told him I didn't know...maybe a lot of practice. He responded, "You just got skills, don't you?" HILARIOUS. His mom reads our blog and I know she'll enjoy that. He has provided my entertainment many days this year.

Wishing you an extra good weekend...