Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pardon me while I vent...

I have lots to say today and I don't know where to start. I guess I should begin with the doctor visit on Wednesday. Everything was good. I measured a few weeks smaller than I actually am...hard to believe, I know. I weighed....A LOT. I will not even tell you how much I've gained. We're gonna chalk that up to the swelling, ok? It's all fluid and it will all go away when she's born. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I do plan to post pictures of my ankles at some point. They're bad. Trust me. My fifth graders have started commenting on them. Let me share with you the 3 comments I got yesterday:

1. My daughter in law just had a 9 pounder and she was much smaller than you.

2. You've "blown up".

3. You're having a skinny day today. You know, some days you look thinner than others.

Um, thanks??? Those comments probably didn't help my mood when the following occurred:

Bradley and I now teach at the same school....this is our 2nd year there. We love it. Good kids...really good kids. And we enjoy our peers. I knew when I married him there would be times that I would have to hold my tongue. Normally, I can handle that ok. Last night was a struggle for me though. I listened to a man tell the boys (over and over) not to give up because "one day they'd finally get some good coaches". Was it worth my concern? Probably not. But I'd like to share with you some things I know that others may not know. Those coaches run a shuttle service after practice. I've seen my husband have so many kids to take home, they won't fit in his truck. Does he mind? No. I've watched him bring a kid to our house each Thursday night so he can be sure he gets a good meal the night before a game. Is he giving him more than a meal? I certainly hope so. I know he prays for those kids. I know he prays for the coaches so they can "make good decisions and put the kids in a position to be successful". Is he required to do any of that? No. He loves those kids. They ALL love those kids. And they'd do anything in the world for them. Those people that man was talking about are somebody's fathers. They're somebody's sons. They're somebody's husbands. And they make a million sacrifices for those kids. If you think coaches everywhere are like that, they aren't. Be careful what you wish for. I don't think high school football is what life is all about. I do think being considerate in any situation...IS. I think the world of my husband. I don't think he's a saint. I think he's human. But I know without a doubt that there isn't a kid on that team that he wouldn't help. And it's tough for me to listen to those things when I know his heart. I'd dare say that most if not all of those coaches are the same way. I've made comments without considering who was listening. And I was wrong. Always consider the way your actions and words will affect those around you. You never know who's listening and watching.

Let's end on a lighter note: We have dip in the crock pot and pigs in a blanket in a bowl. I'm laying in the recliner, B's on the couch. And Bama plays in about an hour. RTR! If only the Merry Maids and the Laundry Fairy would show up....


  1. Wow...let me just say that I can TOTALLY relate. We had a summer game this past summer and a parent talked about Matt the entire game. I've never said anything before but that day I snapped because she was talking in front of my two boys. I told her that I'd appreciate it if she respected me enough to not bash my husband right in front of my children. Let me tell you...WRONG decision!!! LOL! She got all ghetto on me :) It would have to be one of the funnier times in my life! So, hang in there!! Parents will always be can rest easily at night knowing how much Bradley cares about the kids. I pray that my boys have coaches like that!

  2. This man is a preacher!!! It was crazy...

  3. He should have known better, Hope. It breaks my heart than many adults don't. It can happen in coaching...or in ministry. I know. Hang in there,girl, you've got a preacher praying for you...
    I have a saying about this experience: The leaders of the pack get shot in the back...but lead anyway!
    I love you guys and thank God for people like you and B.

  4. That makes me so mad for you. I know how hard it would be to hear someone say that about Chadd and I think it would be totally appropriate for you to take exactly what you said, put it in a letter and give it to that man. He would most likely be very apologetic if he has any kind of conscience, which I would hope he does, being a preacher. Unfortunately, those comments probably happen a lot in coaching, but you can rest assured that those kids know how much Bradley cares about them. Its obvious in his actions. They will love and respect him forever for that. Hopefully, that man will one day realize that Bradley is teaching them much more than drills and how to win on the football field. He's giving them something worth so much more.