Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you're happy and you know it,

clap your hands! CLAP! CLAP! I haven't felt this good in a while. I don't know where this energy is coming from, but I like it. It's been too long. I am, however, pretty uncomfortable if I have to sit or stand for any period of time (you should try riding on a bus while being this pregnant). Sleep isn't great, but Tylenol PM is my friend. And I am GROWING. I never thought my body could do this. Bradley and I both are ever amazed. I do have a plan for shaping it back up. We are signing up for a 5K in April. I don't want to hear all of your negative comments either. I know it will be hard. But I don't care. I did a 5K friend encouraged me to "tuck and roll" the last 1oth of a mile. I almost took her up on it. But it made me feel so good to know I finished. I'm determined to do it again. I have my "From Couch to 5K" plan in hand and I'm waiting. I'll keep you posted on that.

In other baby news, I'm reading this book on how to have a baby that sleeps. I tell my mom all the time that we're going to follow the book and it'll be a piece of cake. She laughs. Honestly, we aren't naive. We know. I'm sure we don't really KNOW. But we do have some clue that this is going to be tough for a while. We're both fairly laid back, and I'm hoping we continue to be that way. I also hope she has her daddy's temperament. He's more laid back than me. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. When we filled out our baby request application, we ordered a mild-mannered, sleeps through the night, can take her in public BABY. Why do you people thing we won't get it???? ; )

We had "date-night" last night. It was so nice to go out to eat and get to conversate for a change. Football season cuts down on our conversating considerably. But we enjoy it.

Our weekend is looking jam packed. Hope yours is fabulous. We're getting excited...

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