Saturday, October 29, 2011

Loving this time of year!

If I had a sunroof, it would be open today. It is marvelous outside. We're hanging out at home today, getting some things done, but resting as well. Just what I needed.

On Tuesday I scored the deal of the century. EK and I set out for Opp after school to meet my mom and check out a dresser she found at a flea market. We walked in the door and there it was. My new dining room table. I wasn't looking for a dining room table. I have one already. But when we have people over, we don't all fit at the table. This table was larger and had more chairs. I needed it. So being the submissive wife that I am, I texted my sweet husband and told him to make room at home. No, really I asked his opinion/permission. My dad went back the next morning and picked it up. No, you can't have my other table. You see, one day I'm building a house with a breakfast nook and that table's going there. But I was super excited to find such a good deal.

EK hasn't been sleeping well which means mommy and daddy aren't sleeping well. With keeping such a busy schedule, it makes for a rough week. I have a first birthday party to finish preparing for this week, Pumpkins on the Square on Monday, fall festival on Thursday, football on Friday, and THE BIG DAY on Saturday. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes.

I completed my 5K this morning. I wasn't fast. But I didn't stop. However, I do have a funny for you. I wasn't going to share. To be honest, I'm embarrassed slightly. But B thinks this is hilarious and definitely blogworthy...SO. I've been to Brundidge, AL before, but only a few times, definitely not enough to know my way around. But I wasn't concerned because they had these neon green signs pointing the way on the race route. I would like to point out that they were only the size of a sheet of paper. Do you see where this is heading? Well because I am fairly slow, I started off in the back and did NOT attempt to keep up. My goal was only to complete the race. It was all good until we reached the center of downtown where the festival was set up. There was traffic. And a sign placed on a board on the sidewalk instead of the light poles like the rest. There was also a car at the intersection...blocking my view of the neon paper with the arrow pointing right. So I continued on. After running a short way, I realized this was NOT correct. But what to do????? I finally backtracked and found the sign and corrected my path. I finished the whole 3.1 miles and then some. I ran without stopping. I reached my goal. I even threw in a little humor for good measure. So if you spotted a runner in downtown Brundidge this morning running the opposite direction than the other runners, that would be me.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week, but we like "busy". The alarm went off this morning, I moved Ella Kate into bed with Bradley and began my morning routine. There was no run this morning. It's CHILLY out there! I even slept til 6, or so I thought. Until I began to dry my hair and realized my watch in the bathroom said 5:20. And so did my phone. Somehow my clock jumped ahead an hour. But that's ok. It's giving me some needed quiet time to enjoy this morning. The rest of the day will be full speed ahead. There's ribbons and tattoos to be sold, 5th graders to educate, a pep rally to be had, cheerleaders to feed, and a ballgame to win. Sounds like a perfect October Friday to me. A win tonight puts our boys in the playoffs AND they will host. A loss knocks us out. We're for the WIN. AAANNNDDD...Our volleyball girls secured a trip to the state tournament with a win yesterday. We're proud of them! Congrats. While watching them, I found my body moving from side to side trying to play with them. Old habits die hard, maybe? Regardless, it was an exciting match.

I surprised my husband with a new lamp shade delivered right to our front door yesterday. He wasn't as excited as I thought he'd be. Marrying him cut down considerably on my "packages at the door". Normally, I can retrieve it and dispose of the evidence before he gets home, but we got here at the same time last night and I was caught. That's ok. My lamp is great. The little things in life...

Someone asked me a few weeks ago on a Friday how my day was. I said it was good; it's a Friday! I was informed that everyday is a great day. I thought about this afterwards. I concluded that everyday can be a "good day". Friday's kind of tip the scale for me. Friday's are "great days". Hope yours is great too.

Friday, October 14, 2011

4 Years Ago? Really?

Four years ago, today, I was a nervous girl. You see, I had a date that night with a really cute coach from Highland Home. I'll spare you all the details, but I will tell you that neither of us ate much and he accused me of not making eye contact. 4 years later, he's at school awaiting tonight's big game and I'm at home with our 11 month old daughter. My, how time changes things. I am so thankful that God brought our paths together, B. You're the BEST husband and daddy EK and I could ever ask for. We love you BIG.

So Fall Break is drawing to a close and it's been a productive one. I have nearly finished the spare bedroom that I started at the beginning of summer, and we're making progress on ours. I'll try to post pics when we're done. I've made one haul to the Goodwill Store. B thinks I'd take everything we own to Goodwill if given the chance. I always threaten to clean out his closets while he's gone. I can't stand "stuff". So when I drop off at Goodwill I feel way more organized.

Ella Kate had a minor procedure on Tuesday to remove a skin tag she's had since birth. She had to be put to sleep for a few minutes. She was ill and hilarious all at the same time. Everything went well and so far she is unaware of the stitches in her ear...and that's a good thing. She's roaming everywhere! There is no containing her. And she's been sleeping late this week. She was playing in her crib when I got up this morning. She NEVER does that. EVER.

In closing: GO ZC! We want to be playoff bound after tonight. Hope to see all you ZC people in your purple in honor of Gin Miley AND hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No, I didn't quit.

Where to start...where to start? We're still here. Just a little scattered. I survived Homecoming AGAIN. AND I think I was better at it this year. Experience is a good thing. Our yard was rolled. I guess they know where we live now. We don't care...but you better believe I'm going to be buying a good Halloween mask when they go on sale. If you're going to make a mess in my yard, I'm going to enjoy trying to scare the pants off you while you try :) It was a great homecoming at ZC. The weather was perfect. Everything ran smoothly. And we won. AGAIN. 5-1. I'm wondering when was the last time that happened in Jack. It's exciting times at ZC. We're so proud of our boys and EK and I are super excited for Daddy. You see, we think he's pretty great. We're blessed to be a part of the school and community and we're thankful to be there.

Moving along...EK will be 11 months old tomorrow. She is walking and jabbering up a storm. We have no clue what she says most of the time, but the girl means business. She causes lots of smiles and laughter at our house. This time last year I mentioned that I would run a 5K eventually. Well I "ain't done it yet" but I'm still chugging along a few mornings a week and I love it. It's become my "me time". I still can't believe it's almost been a year. I get asked often when we'll go for #2...ha. I still remember pregnancy #1. And I don't forsee those memories fading anytime soon.

I'm loving this time of year. The weather is GREAT. Our house is decorated. It smells like pumpkins and spice...and coffee. Yay for fall. It's the best. BUT the BEST part is coming next week. We refer to it at our house as Fall Break. And, oh, it saves my sanity.

Here's to you for not giving up on my blog. Here's to another ZC win on Friday. And here's to this marvelous time of year. Hope your week is extra, extra good.