Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're still here.

Isn't it time to burn the harvest scented candles???? Who cares that it's 99 degrees outside?! Not me. It's officially football season and that means fall candles at our house. Saturday will also usher in the season of cheese dip and pigs in a blanket: also known as Alabama football. Can't wait! Ella Kate has her Bama cheer suit ready to go. She also has a jersey and tiny little New Balances for when the temperature drops. Yes, we're ready.

Ready and exhausted. I know I say that often. But we ARE. It was 11:30 Friday night when we got home. For B, that was the first time he'd been home since 7:00 that morning. I did get to come home for a few hours in between...long enough to repack the diaper bag, feed EK, and dress us both. Thank goodness for the help our families give us. I would absolutely go insane without them. We have a precious aunt who keeps us in clean clothes on a weekly basis. She's great. Everyone should have one of her. That's what B says. We appreciate all of you, although we don't often say it.

Ella Kate is saying Bye Bye and Mama. We're working on Daddy. She just grins at us. Saturday I decided I would install the cabinet locks myself. It didn't go so well. Bradley took over after shaking his head at me. It took us an hour to install 2. So now 2 of our cabinets are baby proof. She's outgrown her baby carseat. Sad. She mocks us when we cough. Hilarious. She growls when you tell her no. Bad. But hilarious.

Life is good. We run around like crazy people. But it keeps things interesting. Here's to an extra nice Labor Day weekend. And another ZC win: 2-0...Here we go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going Home

Bradley had football this afternoon, and my mom invited us over for the afternoon. She said I could nap and she would watch Ella Kate. We don't turn down offers like that.

I enjoy driving. It's about the only "down time" that I get. And I really enjoy driving home. It makes me feel good. It takes me back. It helps me remember so many good things about growing up. And it makes me thankful for where God's brought me to. My brother and I were texting last week about some things we remember from when we were at home together. I remember watching Reading Rainbow at my grandmother's after school, eating Better Cheddars, and drinking Pepsi. Jim remembers going to Opp on a Sunday afternoon to get the latest Billy Ray Cyrus single, Achy Breaky Heart. We both remember cruising in the green Sunfire to Kinston each morning, listening to Booty Mix 2. Memories. The smells of Sun Ripened Rasberry and cheerleader paints take me back to cheer practice. Gangster's Paradise and The Train send me straight back to a 10th grade pep ralley. And oh, the fall. There was nothing like a Thursday volleyball practice while the band practiced outside. I love going back.

There's nothing like home. There's nothing like sitting in the floor of my parents' living room where I've sat for years. But this time, I get to watch my baby girl play. Thank you, God, for where we've been. Thank you, God, for where we are. And thank you, God, for what you have in store for our future.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Football's back. School's back. And I'm exhausted. It's a lot different having a coaching husband PLUS a child. He's been rolling up around 8 each night, which is typically her bedtime. This means I get to feed her, bathe her, chase her, etc. all by my lonesome. I just want to pass out when she falls asleep. I have a friend who does all this with 4 children. I am quite certain I would be insane. She's pretty good at it though. And I tell myself if she can do this with 4, surely I can handle 1. We'll get adjusted. It's just been a tough week.

I still got up and ran this week. I knew it would be a challenge to rise that early, but I did. It makes me feel much better.

Ella Kate has 2 teeth now. She was 9months old yesterday and is in the 90th percentile for length. She's everywhere and into everything. We clean up spilled drinks on a daily basis. You'd think we would learn not to put them within her reach. After my last post, she feel again the very next day. I won't say where she fell from, because I am sure I'd loose my nomination for mother of the year. But I won't do it again.

Well the sun is out and the pool is calling. I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday.