Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A girl can dream, right?

I dream of a day at home with my Kindle to sit in the sunshine and sip Coke Zero.  Really.  I also dream of summer and being able to wear running shorts and t-shirts all day, every day + no makeup. I don't wish for much.  But for now, we're trucking along.  I have 2 or 3 different "to do" lists and I'm certain there are things I've forgotten.  Some days, I think my mind is going.  Last Wednesday, I lost my keys.  I searched everywhere.  I looked all through my classroom, investigated the garbage bags, and tore my car apart.  No keys.  I had a spare and used it to head home.  I called B at home, and I'm in tears.  He said, "Are you looking for the ones on the black keychain?  They're here on the bar".  I drove to school with my spare and never even realized it.  On Friday, I was halfway to Zion Chapel when I realized Ella Kate was still strapped in the backseat.  I wanted to cry.  Or nap.  Or cry, then nap.  But instead, I turned around and took her back, put on a smile, and went on to work.  It helped that it was Friday. This condition is called "too many irons in the fire".

The weekend was not necessarily easygoing, but it was still the weekend.  There were places to go...lots of places to go.  My in-laws took Ella Kate to the lake with them Friday night (Thank you, Gigi and Papa!).  B had softball Saturday and I had to make a family trip to Pensacola.  We enjoyed Homecoming at South Luverne on Sunday and lunch with some sweet friends.  Before we knew it, it was back to work bright and early Monday morning.  A busy weekend, is still a weekend, and we'll take it.

It's Friday afternoon, and and we have very few official plans for the weekend, AND the weather is supposed to be NICE.  Bring it on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Bad Saturday

still beats a good Monday. Are bad Saturdays possible? We hooked up the trailer Saturday morning and took off to Kinston for a pallet of sod or 2. We got one and stopped by my parents' house. Ella Kate decided to hang out there a while and we came home to lay sod. I've never taken on that task, but I thought it couldn't be that bad. Whew. That stuff's heavy. We moved pretty fast and got the first pallet out. B had to go to Enterprise to drive our Power Lifting Team back to school, so I decided to take the trailer back to Kinston by myself for another load. I've never pulled a trailer, but I can drive a school bus. I thought I could handle it. I left Bradley in the back yard pulling up a few leftover roots. I wasn't 2 miles down the road when he called to tell me he'd hit the gas line. GREAT. I hit END and put my phone down when the truck started shaking. I looked in the rearview mirror...tire was going EVERYWHERE. So I pulled over and called him back. The trailer had a blowout. He couldn't leave because the gas company was sending someone. His parents were out of town. My daddy was out of town. So I sat by the road a while. The sweet daddy of my "bestest friend" saved the day. He picked me up and took me home, took the rim to Opp and got a tire, brought it back and put it on. My brother in law drove me back to the truck and I went on to get the sod. I made it home with no more mishaps. It definitely could have been worse. But for an hour or so, I was beginning to wonder. Our back yard looks marvelous. Now, if we can just keep the grass alive.

Ella Kate seems to be Miss Independent lately. My mom helped her put her pants on last Saturday, but because she didn't do it herself, she wanted them "off". Where did she come from? We love her and she keeps us on our toes.

Looking forward to seeing the First Grade Play tomorrow night in Luverne. Can't wait to see some long lost friends. Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to the Grind

Spring Break came and went. And it was back to the real world. You know the one. The one when you run around like a crazy person and feel like you have waaaaayyyyy too many irons in the fire. That's my world lately. I had a break from cheerleading from the middle of February until April. But when we get started, we really get going. We had tryouts yesterday. I now have 15 Varsity Cheerleaders. I'm wondering if I've lost my mind, but I'm excited to start the new season. They seem to be sweet girls, and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of the new girls. Our goal is to compete this year, and if you'll check back with me about November, I'll be wondering what we were thinking when we decided to do this.

Bradley has successfully removed all the shrubs from our back yard. We have 2 pallets of sod ready for pickup on Saturday morning. Yes, he's a good man.

We ran another 5K a couple of weeks ago. It was tough. I won't lie. I think I started off a little too fast. I finished in 34 minutes. When I told a fellow runner my time last week, she said, "well at least you finished". What????? Yes, I finished. And I didn't pass out or die. AND I wasn't last. I call that success.

I'll close on a serious note. My daddy has an older brother who is very, very sick. Growing up, I thought he was the best. He had no children of his own, so he was always up for a tea party after he let his "food settle"...his famous line. When we visited him in Pensacola, we would park on the back 40 at the mall because "those women would sling their doors open and hit the car". And he was all about an all you can eat buffet. I'm not sure what happened. Life I guess. But I haven't talked with him in about 5 years. I share this in hopes that you won't let things that don't matter steal the time that you could spend with people you love. I debated on blogging about this, but decided it could be a good lesson to share. I did get to see him on Sunday and show him a picture of sweet Ella Kate. But it doesn't make up for all that time. It makes me sad. But it's also a lesson in life.

Hoping the weekend brings some good times and a little rest to us all.