Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5th Grade Funnies

I am still loving 5th grade. I was talking to a co-worker the other day about a date for a baby shower. I told her I was easy. Any day was fine. She told me "obviously". She said that was what got me in this shape. I apologize if that's inappropriate. We're adults. It was hilarious. (Morgan, I won't tell you which coworker I'm talking about. )

The one thing I miss most about the little ones is the funny things they come up with. Today, it was a 5th grader that caused me to laugh...ALOT. He lost his house key...you know...the one I tell him to put away on a daily basis. Well he was very concerned, but I promised not to send him home to sit in the yard. I asked if mom was at work. Yes. Did he know the number? No. Not to worry...I could look it up. But then he cracked me up. He said, "if you just get your cell phone and hit rocketdial, it will call her work." Huh? He repeats himself. At that point I realize that, bless his heart, he thinks everyone's cell phones have his mom's work programmed into rocketdial. Never fear. We found the key. But that was by far the best thing I've heard in a while.

I'm loving this weather!!! I know you are too. Is it appropriate to ride with the windows down with a newborn in the backseat? I figure not, so I'm doing it all I can right now. Have a marvelous week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pardon me while I vent...

I have lots to say today and I don't know where to start. I guess I should begin with the doctor visit on Wednesday. Everything was good. I measured a few weeks smaller than I actually am...hard to believe, I know. I weighed....A LOT. I will not even tell you how much I've gained. We're gonna chalk that up to the swelling, ok? It's all fluid and it will all go away when she's born. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I do plan to post pictures of my ankles at some point. They're bad. Trust me. My fifth graders have started commenting on them. Let me share with you the 3 comments I got yesterday:

1. My daughter in law just had a 9 pounder and she was much smaller than you.

2. You've "blown up".

3. You're having a skinny day today. You know, some days you look thinner than others.

Um, thanks??? Those comments probably didn't help my mood when the following occurred:

Bradley and I now teach at the same school....this is our 2nd year there. We love it. Good kids...really good kids. And we enjoy our peers. I knew when I married him there would be times that I would have to hold my tongue. Normally, I can handle that ok. Last night was a struggle for me though. I listened to a man tell the boys (over and over) not to give up because "one day they'd finally get some good coaches". Was it worth my concern? Probably not. But I'd like to share with you some things I know that others may not know. Those coaches run a shuttle service after practice. I've seen my husband have so many kids to take home, they won't fit in his truck. Does he mind? No. I've watched him bring a kid to our house each Thursday night so he can be sure he gets a good meal the night before a game. Is he giving him more than a meal? I certainly hope so. I know he prays for those kids. I know he prays for the coaches so they can "make good decisions and put the kids in a position to be successful". Is he required to do any of that? No. He loves those kids. They ALL love those kids. And they'd do anything in the world for them. Those people that man was talking about are somebody's fathers. They're somebody's sons. They're somebody's husbands. And they make a million sacrifices for those kids. If you think coaches everywhere are like that, they aren't. Be careful what you wish for. I don't think high school football is what life is all about. I do think being considerate in any situation...IS. I think the world of my husband. I don't think he's a saint. I think he's human. But I know without a doubt that there isn't a kid on that team that he wouldn't help. And it's tough for me to listen to those things when I know his heart. I'd dare say that most if not all of those coaches are the same way. I've made comments without considering who was listening. And I was wrong. Always consider the way your actions and words will affect those around you. You never know who's listening and watching.

Let's end on a lighter note: We have dip in the crock pot and pigs in a blanket in a bowl. I'm laying in the recliner, B's on the couch. And Bama plays in about an hour. RTR! If only the Merry Maids and the Laundry Fairy would show up....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Insanity and a Baby Shower

Tomorrow begins week five of football season. Which means I have 6 weeks left in my pregnancy. That's how I keep up with it. After tomorrow we'll be down to 5 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes. Seriously, though...the countdown is in full swing.

We had our first shower today. I was overwhelmed at how many people turned out. We are blessed with the sweetest family and friends. We received soooo many needed things. Until today we had a crib, a mattress, and some diapers. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the floor full of gifts in the nursery now. The OCD in me wants to start putting away things and have it all put up by bedtime. But my swollen ankles say "sit a while in that recliner". I just looked over my pictures and decided they must be distorted because there's no way my face is that puffy. Everyone else, however, looks normal. Thank you to everyone. We appreciate everything.

In other news.....I SURVIVED HOMECOMING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure that I've EVER had a busier week. I have a whole new perspective on things. Everything worked out, even though earlier in the week I was in panic mode thinking they would not. I told my principal on Thursday afternoon that I would be taking a personal "week" this week. Forget a personal day. I was kidding, although the thought of a week off sounds SO nice.

It's back to the doctor this week to see how things are progressing. She's still a very active baby girl. At times, I feel like she's going to kick out of there.

May your week be an easy, "go with the flow" kind of week. That's the kind I need.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Randomness

A: I get LOTS (too much) satisfaction out of doing laundry and having a match for every sock.

B: I'm signing Ella Kate up for soccer...soon.

C: In just days, I have watched the tree outside our french doors turn from green to yellow. I LOVE it!

D: I already have my fall candles lit.

E: I do not have my fall decor out because my husband says, "it's not fall yet". And he will be the one to get it out of our attic. I don't think I can fit through the opening.

and 6: (that will drive some of you nuts...along with the fact that I'm not ending on a multiple of 5 or 10) I'm wondering when football practice might possibly end because I'm STARVING and it is NOT my night to cook.

*Happy Hump Day*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you're happy and you know it,

clap your hands! CLAP! CLAP! I haven't felt this good in a while. I don't know where this energy is coming from, but I like it. It's been too long. I am, however, pretty uncomfortable if I have to sit or stand for any period of time (you should try riding on a bus while being this pregnant). Sleep isn't great, but Tylenol PM is my friend. And I am GROWING. I never thought my body could do this. Bradley and I both are ever amazed. I do have a plan for shaping it back up. We are signing up for a 5K in April. I don't want to hear all of your negative comments either. I know it will be hard. But I don't care. I did a 5K once...my friend encouraged me to "tuck and roll" the last 1oth of a mile. I almost took her up on it. But it made me feel so good to know I finished. I'm determined to do it again. I have my "From Couch to 5K" plan in hand and I'm waiting. I'll keep you posted on that.

In other baby news, I'm reading this book on how to have a baby that sleeps. I tell my mom all the time that we're going to follow the book and it'll be a piece of cake. She laughs. Honestly, we aren't naive. We know. I'm sure we don't really KNOW. But we do have some clue that this is going to be tough for a while. We're both fairly laid back, and I'm hoping we continue to be that way. I also hope she has her daddy's temperament. He's more laid back than me. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. When we filled out our baby request application, we ordered a mild-mannered, sleeps through the night, can take her in public BABY. Why do you people thing we won't get it???? ; )

We had "date-night" last night. It was so nice to go out to eat and get to conversate for a change. Football season cuts down on our conversating considerably. But we enjoy it.

Our weekend is looking jam packed. Hope yours is fabulous. We're getting excited...