Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Randomness

A: I get LOTS (too much) satisfaction out of doing laundry and having a match for every sock.

B: I'm signing Ella Kate up for soccer...soon.

C: In just days, I have watched the tree outside our french doors turn from green to yellow. I LOVE it!

D: I already have my fall candles lit.

E: I do not have my fall decor out because my husband says, "it's not fall yet". And he will be the one to get it out of our attic. I don't think I can fit through the opening.

and 6: (that will drive some of you nuts...along with the fact that I'm not ending on a multiple of 5 or 10) I'm wondering when football practice might possibly end because I'm STARVING and it is NOT my night to cook.

*Happy Hump Day*


  1. I love your posts! Your OCDness sounds so much like myself! I know you are counting down the will come! Hope you continue to feel so good!

  2. i completely agree about waiting for practice to end when its not your night to cook! ha! (my husband is friends with yours) just wait until Ella Kate gets here...our house is a whirlwind from after school until silas goes to bed at 7:30. sometimes, after cleaning up, i realize at about 8:30 that we haven't eaten and have no supper plan. lol!