Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party of 4

Our party of 3 became a party of 4 about 4 weeks ago at 7:44 a.m.  Ella Kate is thrilled.  Why was I so worried about her?  She thinks he's great.  She says he's "adorable", "so nice", and "so cute".  Bradley and I are amazed that a baby can be so easy.  He sleeps!  Thank you, Lord.  He (so far) is really laid back.  He gets that from his Daddy.  He also looks just like him. We've all adjusted fairly easily over the last several weeks.  I continued to send Ella Kate to MawMaw's and Papa's during the week so I could have some time with John Hudson.  It's been a sweet time.  Before Ella Kate arrived I envisioned countless hours of relaxation and reading while she slept.  Ha.  That didn't happen.  EVER.  The reading.  The relaxing. Or the Sleep.  This time has been so much different.  We get up once during the night.  I don't know what to think.  So we'll just be thankful.

I am a worrier, and a new baby brings new worries.  I even called the doctor the first week because he slept all the time.  I watched him constantly the first several nights at home.  I've been known to stick my finger under his nose to make sure he's breathing.  I had a small breakdown on our 3rd night at home because I let the worry consume me.  I talked to a sweet friend and spent some time looking at several verses that put my mind at ease.  God has been so good to send encouragement and reminders of his presence about this worry that I struggle with.  On that particular night, Ella Kate came into the living room where I was in tears.  She was singing Jesus Loves Me.  We sing this all the time, but I fail to hear the words sometimes.  It was so what I needed on that night.  God loves our children and he watches over them, even when we sleep.

We took our first trip to the beach yesterday as a family of 4.  Bradley says he looks like a beach contractor carrying our stuff to the beach.  We were thankful to have Uncle G, Courtney, and her friend, Nancy with us yesterday to help carry stuff.  I was a little nervous because Ella Kate HATED the beach her first summer, but it went great.  And the extra people were great entertainment so that we didn't have to stay in the water the whole time.  According to EK, you aren't at the beach if you aren't "in" the water.  It was a perfect day, except for the places I missed on Bradley's back with the sunscreen.  Sorry, B.

We're off to spend the afternoon with some long lost friends of ours and their baby girl.  And back to the beach with some great friends tomorrow.  I need a nap, but I have all summer, right?

Feeling extra blessed today,