Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They call it LIFE.

Disclaimer: This post is a bit "all over the place".
I'm not sure the funk is gone, but I'm attempting a cheerier blog post this week. I've spent some time mulling over the funk and trying to figure out the source of it. Every reason I come up with just sounds like whining so I'll spare you.

Ella Kate is repeating most words we say. Scary, huh? She is hilarious. Everything is "gone" according to her. One of the girls who rides to school with us suggested I teach her the word "here" as well. Funny. She tells everyone and every animal to "shhhhh". B says it's because we're teachers. It's in her genes. She makes us smile. And laugh. Often. Love her.

In other news (caution: not cheery), do you keep up with Alabama's Lawmakers and the decisions they're making? I do. They have a lot of say about education among other things. WSFA reported yesterday that they may be getting a cost of living raise. Seriously? The report said the average salary was $55,000 a year. WOW. Most teachers don't make that for a full time job. They make me sick. And angry. Moving on.

I have a Pinterest addiction. If you don't, you should. B says it's costing him money. However, it's feeding him well. I've been trying out several recipes. I recommend the pizza roll and the Cracker Barrell chicken tenders. GREAT. Next round, I'm going for the cinnamon rolls. I'll let you know how they turn out. Pinterest has given me lots of projects. I want new curtains for my french doors, a calendar from a picture frame, and a dress made from a tank and 2 yds of fabric. Along with about 100 other things.

Have a great week.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's Be Real for a Moment

I'm in a funk. I think. Just disgusted, frustrated, mad. I know that I'm blessed...so very much. But I'd be lying if I typed out some oh, happy day blog tonight. A little over a week ago the stomach bug visited our house and several other houses of our friends and family (sorry!). It was BAD. At some point I called my mother crying and asked her to please leave work and come help me. At some point I called B's mother (like around 2a.m.) and asked her to please come over. They both did. (Thank you!) It just was not how I envisioned last weekend. We were supposed to have a date complete with a babysitter. Instead we ate jello and tried to recover. And that's where the funk began I think.

I'm frustrated with people. I'm frustrated with life in general. I'm concerned about changes that seem to be coming whether I like them or not. It's just life. And it seems to all pile on at once. I am more than blessed. More is right with life than is wrong. I just get discouraged from time to time. If we're honest, we all do, right?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring has sprung?

Wow. Is it Spring already??? I am loving this weather. But I'm wondering if it will be this nice when it's actually spring. Makes me want to break out my white pants and sandals. Or at least go shopping for new white pants and sandals. ( I'm kidding, Bradley. Don't panic.) We got the cards today that tell how much our car tags are. Looks like I ain't gonna be buying nothin' for a while ; ) I know that's incorrect grammar. But it makes it so much more dramatic.

We enjoyed dinner with a friend of B's Saturday night in Dothan. We didn't plan to have dinner, but we ran into them while shopping. It was a nice surprise.

Basketball is drawing to a close. How nice it will be to come home in the afternoons. I can nap, stalk people on facebook, read, sew, look at Pinterest, cook, do my nails. Ha, who am I kidding? We'll be blowing bubbles, taking wagon rides, and watching Mickey Mouse. And that's fine by me. I must keep a better eye on her though. She brought me 2 pieces of dog poop on Saturday while we were outside playing. On Sunday, I dozed off after changing her diaper. We awoke to find her in the floor playing in it like mud. Hence, the reason we missed Sunday School. She had also walked in it. We were cleaning carpets AND Ella Kate.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby this weekend. It's been too long. Hope you all have a great Friday and an extra great weekend.