Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They call it LIFE.

Disclaimer: This post is a bit "all over the place".
I'm not sure the funk is gone, but I'm attempting a cheerier blog post this week. I've spent some time mulling over the funk and trying to figure out the source of it. Every reason I come up with just sounds like whining so I'll spare you.

Ella Kate is repeating most words we say. Scary, huh? She is hilarious. Everything is "gone" according to her. One of the girls who rides to school with us suggested I teach her the word "here" as well. Funny. She tells everyone and every animal to "shhhhh". B says it's because we're teachers. It's in her genes. She makes us smile. And laugh. Often. Love her.

In other news (caution: not cheery), do you keep up with Alabama's Lawmakers and the decisions they're making? I do. They have a lot of say about education among other things. WSFA reported yesterday that they may be getting a cost of living raise. Seriously? The report said the average salary was $55,000 a year. WOW. Most teachers don't make that for a full time job. They make me sick. And angry. Moving on.

I have a Pinterest addiction. If you don't, you should. B says it's costing him money. However, it's feeding him well. I've been trying out several recipes. I recommend the pizza roll and the Cracker Barrell chicken tenders. GREAT. Next round, I'm going for the cinnamon rolls. I'll let you know how they turn out. Pinterest has given me lots of projects. I want new curtains for my french doors, a calendar from a picture frame, and a dress made from a tank and 2 yds of fabric. Along with about 100 other things.

Have a great week.

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