Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's Be Real for a Moment

I'm in a funk. I think. Just disgusted, frustrated, mad. I know that I'm very much. But I'd be lying if I typed out some oh, happy day blog tonight. A little over a week ago the stomach bug visited our house and several other houses of our friends and family (sorry!). It was BAD. At some point I called my mother crying and asked her to please leave work and come help me. At some point I called B's mother (like around 2a.m.) and asked her to please come over. They both did. (Thank you!) It just was not how I envisioned last weekend. We were supposed to have a date complete with a babysitter. Instead we ate jello and tried to recover. And that's where the funk began I think.

I'm frustrated with people. I'm frustrated with life in general. I'm concerned about changes that seem to be coming whether I like them or not. It's just life. And it seems to all pile on at once. I am more than blessed. More is right with life than is wrong. I just get discouraged from time to time. If we're honest, we all do, right?

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