Sunday, September 18, 2011

She's growing TOO FAST!

Our baby girl is 10 months old. If I told you it's "flown by", that could definitely be up for understatement of the year. I love you, Ella Kate.

I love how you get super excited when Daddy gets home from football.
I love how you'll let anyone carry you around at the ballgame when Mommy needs a break.
I love how your eyebrows arch like an upside down V.
I love how you laugh out loud...even though it's rare. It's GREAT.
I love that you took your shirt off last night because you were upset. Please don't continue to do this, but last night it was so funny.
I love how you want to eat and drink everything in sight.
I love how you "pat" us.
I love how you say momma when daddy tells you to say daddy.
I love how you snuggle in the mornings.
I love how you kiss with your mouth wide open.
I love how you growl.
I love how you attemp to share your paci with mommy and daddy in the mornings.
I love how you smack your lips as a way of blowing a kiss.
I love to see you read a book.
I love that books are your favorite toys. You're SO my child.
I love to see you make our other family members smile.
I love to see you smile.
I love YOU.

And I am so thankful for you. Daddy and I never thought we could love anyone so much.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, how I've missed you.

So this is the day after...the day after when I wonder how I can let a high school football game get me so worked up. When I wonder, "did I really cheer until I'm hoarse and jump up and down in the stands?" This is what we do. This is our life for the next few months. And I want my husband and our kids to know what it's like to be successful. I want them to know that doing things the right way will be rewarded.

We're in our 3rd year at Zion. I have never been prouder to be there than I was last night. We have great kids. Let me assure you that we know they aren't all saintly. But you could search the world over and you wouldn't find a school with better kids. They were going into last night's game 2-0...the first time since 1985. Yes, really. They knew it would be an uphill battle. And they were right. But they never quit. And our fans backed them like I have never seen before. I won't complain about the officials, at least not on my blog. My mama said you never complain about the refs. But I WILL say that I wish life were fair. I wish people were fair. I wish everyone taught their kids to do things the right way. But life's not like that. It's a shame. I'm proud of our kids. I'm proud of the men that lead them. And I'm certain that one day doing things the right way will bring about success. I just have to remind myself that doesn't always equal a win. Sometimes success means a lesson learned, even if that lesson is "Life's not always fair."

So I'm putting that behind me. And I'm looking forward to this beautiful Saturday. Ella Kate spent the night with Papa and Gigi. I'm going to get her in a few minutes. We're going to spend the day watching football, eating pigs in a blanket, and being lazy. Sounds perfect doesn't it? I type that and feel slightly guilty as I think of a family up the street who's Saturday doesn't seem so "perfect" this morning. They're dealing with the death of a loved one. It makes me realize that we should cherish these "perfect" days and thank God for them. And I plan to.