Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

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The Bowers Family Christmas

After napping ALL afternoon yesterday, we finally feel a little bit rested. It was a busy Christmas, but a good Christmas. We started Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve with a trip to Bradley's parents' house. Molly came along to share her first Christmas. She got a steak squeaky toy, which she destroyed in about 30 minutes. We exchanged gifts and then drove around in my mother-in-law's new ride listening to Christmas music and scouting out the Christmas lights.

On Christmas Eve morning, I got some quiet time by myself as Bradley headed off to a men's breakfast to see some old friends. This is something that was started 13 years ago. It's become a tradition. He really enjoyed seeing everyone.

When he got home, we exchanged gifts. He got a subscription to the Dothan Eagle and clothes. I got a new camera and together we got a new dishwasher. I am aware that most people would not be excited about a dishwasher, but if you had to use our old dishwasher, you would be extremely pumped about this new one. It is MUCH better.

Afterwards we went back to his mom's to see what Santa brought (he came early).

For lunch, we headed to Opp to see my family. We ate lunch with them and visited for a while. Then it was back to Elba for a powernap and on to his mom's to see his extended family. We ate and visited some more.

Then we came home through the storm, put on our PJ's and drove back to Opp to stay with my parents. Santa came bright and early, and after breakfast, it was back to Elba (I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BUSY CHRISTMAS.)

We got ready and went to his grandmother's house to see everyone. We ate (again) and played Dirty Santa.

We came home and rested then rode back to Opp (yes, once again) to eat leftovers. On Saturday morning, we made one more Christmas trip, this time to Jack to visit with the other side of Bradley's family.

It was a busy, busy time. But we enjoyed seeing everyone. There was time for reflection and being thankful, although as I type this, I'm wondering when we did that.

And a few more Christmas tidbits for you:
*We have watched Christmas Vacation at least 47 times this year.
*Molly did not take our tree out...not even once.
*We have a pile of candy and treats the size of a small mountain on our counter.
*We cannot eat them all or we will have to purchase all new clothes.
*Our stockings were stuffed with enough deodorant to last us through the next couple of years. We are thankful for this though...those small things add up when you purchase them yourself.

**See Christmas pictures in the post above**

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

We were singing this song Monday...actually I was singing; Bradley was shaking his head. He says he does not know the song, I really think he just wanted me to stop singing.

Either are a few of my favorite things:
*hot clothes out of the dryer
*our Christmas tree late at night when everything is quiet
*praying with my husband
*a fire in the fireplace
*SOFT blankets
*fuzzy socks
*watching movies with Bradley (he sits on the couch with me when we watch a movie!...which we do often. Netflix may have declined us had they known how many movies we could watch in a month.)
*family gatherings: I LOVE getting together with my family. It's not something that happens often, but when we do get together it is so much fun.
*the quietness of the house before Bradley gets up and Molly is napping
*the SMELL of coffee. I said smell...not taste. The taste of coffee is NOT one of my favorite things. It's not even something I like. But B does, so I like to make it. He drinks it, I get to smell it.
*organization...I know it sounds sick, but it makes me at least "feel" in control
*Bradley's eyelashes and cheek bones: he's so pretty.
*He has the softest feet ever too. I like that as well. I don't think he feels that way about my feet. :) I walk around all day every day...I can't help it.
*going to Gantt Beach
*talking to friends on the phone who I don't get to see often. It can make my day.
*when Molly snuggles early in the morning
*when Bradley snuggles early in the morning
*looking at our house all lit up and thinking how God has blessed us beyond our imaginations. Isn't it good that God has plans that are bigger than we are? And that He encourages us to choose those plans rather than our own? And that He loved us enough many, many years ago, to send his own baby son to save the world?

May your Christmas be a special time for you and your family. May your hearts be filled with the blessings of life. May we remember those who have lost loved ones and are struggling during this Christmas season. And may we remember why we celebrate.

We wish you the merriest of Christmases,
The Bowers

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life in Elba

As we lay in bed last night discussing the barricaded streets nearby and the people moving their cars out of our neighborhood, I started to realize what it's like to live in Elba, Alabama. When we bought this house, we knew it had flooded before. But I never thought it might happen again...until seeing the river today. Still we made the treck to ZC this morning, because there were lots of little minds just waiting for knowledge to be shared. We crossed a bridge on the way to school, and I have no doubt the water was no more than 6 inches from the bridge. At 10:25 we were told that the entire elementary needed to be fed within the hour, because we were dismissing at 12:30 (There's no way they even tasted that food). So here we are, back at home...seeing several packing up on our way back into the neighborhood. We're hoping to stay dry. If not, maybe Mr. Vince will come get us on the boat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I heart weekends.

Last night was date night for the Bowers. We went to see Blind Side. I highly recommend it. We agreed that it was one of the best movies we'd ever seen.

Today was a family shopping trip to Destin. My daddy has 3 sisters, so today the women of the family gathered for some shopping and good food. It was cold and it was rainy. But we were still able to spend a little money and laugh...ALOT. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I came home to a good looking husband who had supper on the grill and a fire in the fireplace. It's a great weekend and there's still another day left!

And as I finished typing this, I turned to see Molly carrying what was going to be supper one night this week in her mouth. It's not a great picture, but she ate it so fast, I didn't have time to get another one. Bradley was just glad she didn't get the sausage.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Perfect Afternoon

B looking cozy in his new Bama wear,

a fire crackling in the fireplace,
Molly asleep at my feet in front of the Christmas tree,

pigs in a blanket,

Chips and dip,
(for those of you who know me well: No, I do not partake of this dish.

It's mixed together. But B likes it.)




A perfect December Saturday afternoon.

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you'll pay for our tickets and airfare, we'll get the hotel room.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Daybook:

I am was a great day to be out of school.

I am thankful for...a very unexpected day off from work

I am wearing...workout pants, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes (it counts for something if you look like you might excercise right????

I am remembering...when was the last time I exercised????

I am bed...soon

I am currently reading...The Love Dare

I am finish Christmas shopping soon

On my mind...decorating the outside of our house

From the learning rooms...patience. Allowing your spouse to be human. Is this hard for anyone else???? This morning I couldn't find 2 checks that I needed to deposit. I just KNEW he threw them away and I was mad even though I didn't say that. Turns out he didn't. They were in my car where I left them. "Patience, grasshopper."

Noticing that...the Christmas tree reflecting in the fireplace is kind of nice

Pondering these words..."Love is patient"

From the kitchen...chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies

Around the house...candles and Christmas decorations

From my picture journal...
(hat day last year...Jackson wore AU and paid a dollor for me to wear UA)