Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bowers Family Christmas

After napping ALL afternoon yesterday, we finally feel a little bit rested. It was a busy Christmas, but a good Christmas. We started Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve with a trip to Bradley's parents' house. Molly came along to share her first Christmas. She got a steak squeaky toy, which she destroyed in about 30 minutes. We exchanged gifts and then drove around in my mother-in-law's new ride listening to Christmas music and scouting out the Christmas lights.

On Christmas Eve morning, I got some quiet time by myself as Bradley headed off to a men's breakfast to see some old friends. This is something that was started 13 years ago. It's become a tradition. He really enjoyed seeing everyone.

When he got home, we exchanged gifts. He got a subscription to the Dothan Eagle and clothes. I got a new camera and together we got a new dishwasher. I am aware that most people would not be excited about a dishwasher, but if you had to use our old dishwasher, you would be extremely pumped about this new one. It is MUCH better.

Afterwards we went back to his mom's to see what Santa brought (he came early).

For lunch, we headed to Opp to see my family. We ate lunch with them and visited for a while. Then it was back to Elba for a powernap and on to his mom's to see his extended family. We ate and visited some more.

Then we came home through the storm, put on our PJ's and drove back to Opp to stay with my parents. Santa came bright and early, and after breakfast, it was back to Elba (I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BUSY CHRISTMAS.)

We got ready and went to his grandmother's house to see everyone. We ate (again) and played Dirty Santa.

We came home and rested then rode back to Opp (yes, once again) to eat leftovers. On Saturday morning, we made one more Christmas trip, this time to Jack to visit with the other side of Bradley's family.

It was a busy, busy time. But we enjoyed seeing everyone. There was time for reflection and being thankful, although as I type this, I'm wondering when we did that.

And a few more Christmas tidbits for you:
*We have watched Christmas Vacation at least 47 times this year.
*Molly did not take our tree out...not even once.
*We have a pile of candy and treats the size of a small mountain on our counter.
*We cannot eat them all or we will have to purchase all new clothes.
*Our stockings were stuffed with enough deodorant to last us through the next couple of years. We are thankful for this though...those small things add up when you purchase them yourself.

**See Christmas pictures in the post above**

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