Saturday, May 2, 2015

So I've been thinking...

I've done some thinking over the last week or so, and if I posted it as my facebook status, it would have diary qualifications, so I decided a blog was the way to go.

I've been thinking about some changes I need to make.  I read a lot.  I hear a lot.  I'm so quick to pass judgement without really knowing what's going on.  I make assumptions.  Maybe instead of making assumptions, if it's something I really need to know, I should go ask that person.  I was reading an article last night about someone accused of something.  She hasn't been proven guilty, but her name is ruined.  How sad for her.  How sad for her family.  I'm as guilty as anyone about passing judgement when I read such things.  We might climb down from our high horse if we consider how easy it is for us to be in that same position.  All it takes is an accusation. 

How scary that sometimes others, intentionally or not, can make choices that turn our lives upside down.  I like to think the truth always wins out, and it will eventually, but sometimes God doesn't seem to be moving fast enough for me.  I've been reading about Joseph this week.  It's one of Ella Kate's favorite stories.  Many things went wrong in Joseph's life.  He was sold into slavery by jealous brothers and thrown into prison on false charges.  Joseph wasn't perfect, I'm sure, but he had to feel at times that life wasn't fair.  What I keep coming back to is that although so many things went wrong for Joseph, God still had his hand on him.  He was on the throne, even in the worst of circumstances.  In the end when he had the chance to confront his brothers he said, "You meant it for bad; God meant it for good." 

I'm clinging to that truth this week.  Maybe you needed to hear it too. 

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."  Exodus 14:14