Saturday, August 18, 2012

I survived!

I survived Tuesday:  back to work and leaving Ella Kate.  She was fine.  I was fine.  I got all worked up over nothing.  The week went well.  I enjoyed seeing everyone on Tuesday and getting to catch up.  Ella Kate only cried when I arrived each afternoon to pick her up because she wasn't ready to leave.  I'm sure that's MUCH better than her crying because she didn't want me to leave her.  Each day went fairly well.  I worked almost nonstop Thursday and still wouldn't have had it all together if it weren't for my coworkers and  a sweet visitor who helped staple papers at the last minute.  But it was finished and Open House went smoothly.  I thought I had it "wooped".  One more day and it was Friday...I could make it.  Ella Kate had other plans.  We were up more Thursday night than we were asleep.  I had flashbacks of when she was a newborn.  I was exhausted.  B left early to drop EK off so I could have a few extra minutes.  I got in the car with my Coke Zero and had extra time to spare before I had to be at school.  I was feeling better.  Until I got a few driveways down... and the warning light on my dash came on and my car refused to turn.  No power steering and something else I don't understand.  I did what all really tired women would do in this situation.  I switched it off and cried.

It could definitely be worse.  I have a loaner until it's fixed. School starts Monday, the first football game is this week, and my brother in law gets married on Saturday.  Just thinking about it makes me need a nap.  But we'll survive, and we'll enjoy it.  All of it.  And THEN we'll take a nap.  Here's to a busy week.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Honesty is the best policy.

I'm going to be very honest this morning.  I feel sick about having to leave Ella Kate bright and early Tuesday morning to go back to work.  It's not that I don't love my job.  I do.  It's not that I want to be a "stay at home mom".  I don't....well, only if my husband were rich and EK and I could shop all day.  That's not happening, so I prefer to work.  I love teaching (most days).  I enjoy my kids.  I enjoy my workplace.  I don't normally spaz out about having to leave her.  But I've gotten used to laying in bed with her in the mornings while she watches "Mickey, pease".  And I've gotten used to letting her fly like an airplane on my feet and putting diapers on her baby dolls all day.  I've gotten used to putting all 497 of her movies back in the tv cabinet EVERY SINGLE TIME she pulls them ALL out.  I am thankful I've had the opportunity to be at home this summer and do all these things.  But I also I know that once we start back, there will be very little of that for a while.  It makes me sad.  It makes my stomach feel sick.  I'm not normally like this.  BUT such is life.  I'll be fine once I get there Tuesday morning.  On a positive note, my classroom has NEVER been as organized as it is right now.  I have done some major cleaning out this summer.  I always have intentions to do this, but I'm always afraid I'll need it later.  Every cabinet, closet, drawer, and shelf has been cleaned.  I am READY.  But I'm not ready to leave that baby girl.

So our plan is to soak up the day today.  The weather is perfect this morning.  It almost felt fallish earlier.  We're headed to church in a bit.  Then we're doing sandwiches and spending the afternoon at the pool.  The house is clean.  The yards are done.  Oh, I wish for today to pass ever so slowly.  Here's to one more day of summer.  Happy Sunday!