Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello, Spring Break!

Let me preface this post by saying I do love my job. It's just that I need a break in a bad way. I am pretty certain my students are going to like me better when I return from spring break.

We kicked off spring break with prom last night. Ella Kate stayed with my mom and dad, and B and I got to dress up and watch everyone break it down for a few hours. We loved it. We even slept past daybreak this morning. Then we did what all the cool people do the morning after prom...we headed out to Lowe's where we spent a small fortune and returned to work in the yards. We have a fairly large patio out back and it's surrounded by shrubs...tons of shrubs...layers and layers of different shrubs. I announced my plan to remove these about 2 weeks ago. My husband, knowing he would be the "remover of the shrubs", shook his head and said nothing. But being the fine man that he is, the shrubs on 2 out of 3 sides are gone as of today. He worked HARD all afternoon. I told him thank you, but if you could see the shrubs piled by the road, you would understand. A "thank you" kind of seems inadequate. Ella Kate and I appreciate you, B.

We have other "fun" projects planned this week along with B's softball game, Uncle J's baseball game, and a beach trip for a day. We might even throw in some lake time. It's nice to have a week ahead without a schedule and tons of time to play with Ella Kate. Happy Saturday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Coke Zero and Nutella Kind of Day

Ahhhh. Saturday, you've arrived. Don't we all love a break? I feel like we've been running in a hundred different directions lately. I don't typically "freak out" about things. But stress tends to sneak up on me. Like this week...I've had that headache/neckache that really is just tension from trying to keep everything straight this past week. I'm not sure when it came on, I just know it's not comfortable. Maybe I need a massage. Or Spring Break.

Today has been nice. I ran before daylight because B had a softball game and left home just after 6. I knew if there was to be ANY Hope time today, it had to be before he left. I even got a quiet 30 minutes on Pinterest with a Coke Zero in hand before the princess woke up. We played outside and worked a little in the flowerbeds. Then we headed to Andalusia in search of fabric (no such luck), but I did get my rings cleaned and we stopped off by Gantt to see Gigi and Papa and have a quick lunch. We've since made stops at a baby shower and a birthday party where EK had a slight meltdown because Barney was present. She will outgrow this, right?

We are finally home. Ella Kate is down for the count. B is still coaching a softball game. I have another Coke Zero AND some animal crackers and Nutella (BEST SNACK EVER). Life is good and that tension in my neck might be easing off. Hope you've enjoyed this perfect weather kind of day. Happy Weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2012

An update from the previous post: My friend's little boy was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor which was Stage 2 cancer. He received a port yesterday and his first round of chemo. This will continue weekly for 6 months. Her updates remain positive and they are thankful that he's done so well. Add them to your prayer lists, as the road ahead may be long. Joni is an amazing mother, and I don't mean that lightly. She sets a godly example in the midst of her storm for so many. I hope you get to sleep in your own bed tonight, Joni : )

I leave bright and early tomorrow for a wedding. For many years in high school and college, I had the best summer (and spring break and Christmas break) job EVER. I babysat the Parkers. Loved it. What was not to love? They slept late. When we did get up, we ate lunch, and then went to Grandmother Ann's for a swim. I think I was told at one time I more of a lifeguard than a babysitter. Ashton and I might have slid down the stairs in the laundry basket a time or 5, while Garret was the more responsible one. He wouldn't even join us for the ceremonial "licking of the bowl" after we made brownies. He did teach me a few things, including how to make a great grilled cheese sandwich, and possible how to boil eggs for Ashton's tuna fish. I am realizing I could go on and on as I am starting to remember things I'd forgotten. I hated mixing that tunafish, Ashton. Do you still eat that? I loved spending time with the Parkers. Tomorrow Garret gets married. I'm still not sure he's old enough for this ; ) Congratulations. May this be one of the best things you've ever done.

On a lighter note, it's Friday. And I have a workshop. In Troy. Hardee's biscuit? Yes. I just ran so surely a biscuit is in order. The last mile, I might add, was in the rain. And it was NICE. Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear God:

For the last few weeks, I've felt a little whiney. Ok, ALOT whiney. For no apparent reason. But this week I learned something that I've known all along- Things could be much worse. And I should be grateful for the way they ARE.

I didn't meet B until I was 26. I spent many Friday and Saturday nights alone. I have a friend who I went to high school with, but didn't know very well until later. The way we got to be friends...I won't go there. But it's an amusing story. We spent many nights trying to stay out past 10:00, and guess how many people we would see at Walmart that we knew. The person who got closest without going over won. We shared lots of dinners and conversations about what our husbands would be like one day, among other things. We dated different people and shared tears when things went south. As I type this post, I am smiling thinking of the stories we have from dates we went on. She was always an encourager, sending cards during hard times. She felt called to be a mommy and raise a family. She's fulfilling that calling. And she's amazing at it. Her husband also coaches, and on the afternoons that I am tired of being home alone, I call her to vent and to remind myself that if she can manage with 4 kids, surely I can handle my 1.

Last week, my friend found out that her baby boy has a tumor on his kidney. He just turned 1. He will have surgery to remove his kidney on Monday morning. They have been told that it is likely cancer, but will know more after surgery. I can't imagine what this experience is like for her. I don't post alot of "pray for" posts, simply because I think sometimes we take prayer too lightly. We read the post and go on with our days, treating the post as more of a source of information, than a tool. But I think so much of my friend. She is a blessing. When she says she'll pray, I believe she prays, even when she has 4 kids to chase after. So I would like to ask you to take time to sincerely pray for this sweet family between now and Monday. Pray that they will experience God's presence in the midst of this time.

May we all remember that when life gets us down, there are many who have it much worse. May we look at what's right, instead of what's wrong. And may we know that God is in the midst of it all.