Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Free Information

Saw this on a blog that I stalk...thought I'd use it too.

Outside my window...dark and just stopped raining

The time is...11:14. Thank you again, restless legs.

Today I feel...emotional? hormonal? all of the above? YES.

I am is that I need to use the restroom again??????? I JUST went!

At the moment, I am thankful...for this baby girl kicking around in my tummy, even though she causes me much discomfort when I go to the bathroom 10 times in an hour.

I am school in the morning, then to practice, then home.

I am wearing...the same things over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

I were November, our baby girl was here and healthy, we were getting a handle on the parenting thing, and my body was deflating.

I am reading...Babywise.

I am hoping...I can relax enough to go to sleep soon.

I am working on...not being quite so OCD.

I am hearing...the computer keys and the ice maker.

I bet you didn't know...that I eat string cheese like it's going out of style.

One of my favorite...times is riding in the car with Bradley singing really loud while he just shakes his head.

My weekend plans include...working concessions at the Troy game and spending Sunday with Bradley because he is OFF! And lots of time with my feet up.

Hope your week is EXTRA good.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Somebody's Been Acting Right...

I had no practice, no errands, and nothing pressing to do today. My husband was going to a football game after practice so I declared this afternoon ALL ABOUT HOPE. I rode to Troy and got a pedicure. Sometimes things not in the budget are worth the splurge. I'd like to mention that the lady working in there rubbed my stomach...without permission. It was odd. I then came home and cooked a frozen pizza, which I ate every bit of. I told Bradley on my way home from Troy that the only way today could be better was if there was a magazine in the mailbox. Would you believe there were 3???????? Obviously I've been acting right. And now I'm eating ice cream.

I also found a 2nd pair of my favorite maternity jeans for $9.99 today. My first pair was no where near that price. Don't tell Bradley. That wasn't in the budget either.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

12 Random Thoughts

1. I miss all those sweet babies, but I LOVE 5th grade.

2. I still get to see the sweet babies in the hall, and this week one of them informed me that the baby had "to get out somehow". I started to tell him this was becoming a concern for me too.

3. It is very hard to reach my toes. This calls for a pedicure, don't you think?

4. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. And the countdown is ON.

5. I LOST a pound this month. Please don't be concerned. I gained enough last month to more then make up for it. I have been "making better choices" as my doctor put it.

6. I really love apple juice. I drink it from the jug. B tells me it reminds him of the movie, "Look Who's Talking". I don't know remember that part, but he thinks it's hilarious. I apologize to all of you who are offended that I drink from the jug. I promise not to offer you apple juice if you visit.

7. My ankles and feet start out normal on Monday, but my toes look like sausages by the end of the week, and my ankles are gone.

8. My husband yelled more than I've ever heard him yell Friday night. I found it very entertaining. He loves his job.

9. He finished painting the nursery last Sunday afternoon. There is now a desk sitting in the middle of my dining room waiting to be stored at my parents' house. It's making me nuts. It's been there all week.

10. We are now on a budget. I get $20 a week. If I take my lunch, I can spend my money on whatever I want. I'm proud of us. We've done well this month.

11. B made my lunch everyday this week. I love him. (not just bc he makes my lunch...that's a bonus)

12. I am currently enjoying the first of many Sunday afternoons alone. B always has meetings on Sundays during football season. I should tell you that I'm lonely. But I love it. He and I refer to it as "Hope time". I'm making the most of every Sunday, because I have this feeling that Sunday afternoons next football season will not be ALL ABOUT ME. And that's ok. Because she will be worth it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

He's a GOOD man

He painted until he ran out of paint. Then he started on this:
(He said we should have bought the display.)
And when he finished, it looked like this:
And I, currently, look like this:It makes me feel a little less stressed to know the crib is done. Thank you, B. If you're thinking that's what he had on the last time I posted pictures of him, I was just thinking the same thing. We'll just refer to it as his weekend outfit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yay for the Weekend!!!!!

We survived the first week! We both really like our classes this year. I'm getting adjusted to life in the 5th grade world. It's nice to be able to write directions on the board and have students who can read them and follow them without a whole lot of explanation. I am loving the ladies around me. They're fun, and I've heard some great stories over the last 2 weeks. B is liking his junior high classes. He was concerned at first about teaching that age group, but he's enjoyed them this week.

We're both SO busy and SO tired. My ankles started out good Monday morning, but by yesterday afternoon, they were ginormous. They're back to normal this morning. They just needed a weekend off. I took a picture of them earlier so I can remember that my ankles are not actually as fat as they appear most of the time. Football brings with it late nights at our house. When we both get home, we're too tired to say much. It makes us appreciate the weekends and time together a little more. I made breakfast this morning. It was nice to sit down together and talk while we ate our pancakes. AND our house is clean for the most part. That makes my heart smile. I'm ALL ABOUT a clean house. I don't know if that's a control thing or an OCD thing. But either way...I like it.

I'm hoping we get finished painting the nursery this weekend, and possibly the crib put together. Other than that, we're just hanging out at home. I don't care if it rains all day. In fact, I think it would be nice. Happy Weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back in Session

It's been a BUSY week at the Bowers House. School is back in session. So is football. Our grass is tall. Our laundry pile is taller. And my stomach gets bigger every day it seems. I don't even recognize my ankles. I think they're still in there...somewhere.

A little kindergarten girl who was attending Jumpstart yesterday made my day. She had to make a quick trip to the restroom and I was passing by so she walked with me. She asked me first, "Is you the cool people?". I thought How can she tell??????? So I told her that I absolutely was "the cool people". She then said, Is you work here". Yes. She proceeded to show me her scar from a previous surgery. I asked if that was a long time ago. I knew it was gonna be good when she began her answer with "See, first I was in my mommy's tummy." I got the whole spill and she ended with "and now I'm here". She did interrupt the story to tell me she thought we'd passed the potty. It was quite the conversation and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We plan on doing ABSOLUTELY nothing this weekend. Exhausted does not begin to describe us. Hope your weekend is relaxing!