Sunday, August 22, 2010

12 Random Thoughts

1. I miss all those sweet babies, but I LOVE 5th grade.

2. I still get to see the sweet babies in the hall, and this week one of them informed me that the baby had "to get out somehow". I started to tell him this was becoming a concern for me too.

3. It is very hard to reach my toes. This calls for a pedicure, don't you think?

4. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. And the countdown is ON.

5. I LOST a pound this month. Please don't be concerned. I gained enough last month to more then make up for it. I have been "making better choices" as my doctor put it.

6. I really love apple juice. I drink it from the jug. B tells me it reminds him of the movie, "Look Who's Talking". I don't know remember that part, but he thinks it's hilarious. I apologize to all of you who are offended that I drink from the jug. I promise not to offer you apple juice if you visit.

7. My ankles and feet start out normal on Monday, but my toes look like sausages by the end of the week, and my ankles are gone.

8. My husband yelled more than I've ever heard him yell Friday night. I found it very entertaining. He loves his job.

9. He finished painting the nursery last Sunday afternoon. There is now a desk sitting in the middle of my dining room waiting to be stored at my parents' house. It's making me nuts. It's been there all week.

10. We are now on a budget. I get $20 a week. If I take my lunch, I can spend my money on whatever I want. I'm proud of us. We've done well this month.

11. B made my lunch everyday this week. I love him. (not just bc he makes my lunch...that's a bonus)

12. I am currently enjoying the first of many Sunday afternoons alone. B always has meetings on Sundays during football season. I should tell you that I'm lonely. But I love it. He and I refer to it as "Hope time". I'm making the most of every Sunday, because I have this feeling that Sunday afternoons next football season will not be ALL ABOUT ME. And that's ok. Because she will be worth it.

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  1. I love this post. You have a wonderful husband, so thoughtful. Have your "Hope Time" every Sunday afternoon this season, because next football season and for many seasons to come you will have someone that demands your attention 24/7. Your due date will get here sooner than you think, but it won't feel that way to you. You have had the entire hot summer to suffer through. I had mine in August and November and struggled with the heat. Good luck on the next ten weeks and the delivery.