Thursday, August 26, 2010

Somebody's Been Acting Right...

I had no practice, no errands, and nothing pressing to do today. My husband was going to a football game after practice so I declared this afternoon ALL ABOUT HOPE. I rode to Troy and got a pedicure. Sometimes things not in the budget are worth the splurge. I'd like to mention that the lady working in there rubbed my stomach...without permission. It was odd. I then came home and cooked a frozen pizza, which I ate every bit of. I told Bradley on my way home from Troy that the only way today could be better was if there was a magazine in the mailbox. Would you believe there were 3???????? Obviously I've been acting right. And now I'm eating ice cream.

I also found a 2nd pair of my favorite maternity jeans for $9.99 today. My first pair was no where near that price. Don't tell Bradley. That wasn't in the budget either.

Happy Friday!

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