Sunday, September 18, 2011

She's growing TOO FAST!

Our baby girl is 10 months old. If I told you it's "flown by", that could definitely be up for understatement of the year. I love you, Ella Kate.

I love how you get super excited when Daddy gets home from football.
I love how you'll let anyone carry you around at the ballgame when Mommy needs a break.
I love how your eyebrows arch like an upside down V.
I love how you laugh out loud...even though it's rare. It's GREAT.
I love that you took your shirt off last night because you were upset. Please don't continue to do this, but last night it was so funny.
I love how you want to eat and drink everything in sight.
I love how you "pat" us.
I love how you say momma when daddy tells you to say daddy.
I love how you snuggle in the mornings.
I love how you kiss with your mouth wide open.
I love how you growl.
I love how you attemp to share your paci with mommy and daddy in the mornings.
I love how you smack your lips as a way of blowing a kiss.
I love to see you read a book.
I love that books are your favorite toys. You're SO my child.
I love to see you make our other family members smile.
I love to see you smile.
I love YOU.

And I am so thankful for you. Daddy and I never thought we could love anyone so much.

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