Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're still here.

Isn't it time to burn the harvest scented candles???? Who cares that it's 99 degrees outside?! Not me. It's officially football season and that means fall candles at our house. Saturday will also usher in the season of cheese dip and pigs in a blanket: also known as Alabama football. Can't wait! Ella Kate has her Bama cheer suit ready to go. She also has a jersey and tiny little New Balances for when the temperature drops. Yes, we're ready.

Ready and exhausted. I know I say that often. But we ARE. It was 11:30 Friday night when we got home. For B, that was the first time he'd been home since 7:00 that morning. I did get to come home for a few hours in between...long enough to repack the diaper bag, feed EK, and dress us both. Thank goodness for the help our families give us. I would absolutely go insane without them. We have a precious aunt who keeps us in clean clothes on a weekly basis. She's great. Everyone should have one of her. That's what B says. We appreciate all of you, although we don't often say it.

Ella Kate is saying Bye Bye and Mama. We're working on Daddy. She just grins at us. Saturday I decided I would install the cabinet locks myself. It didn't go so well. Bradley took over after shaking his head at me. It took us an hour to install 2. So now 2 of our cabinets are baby proof. She's outgrown her baby carseat. Sad. She mocks us when we cough. Hilarious. She growls when you tell her no. Bad. But hilarious.

Life is good. We run around like crazy people. But it keeps things interesting. Here's to an extra nice Labor Day weekend. And another ZC win: 2-0...Here we go!

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