Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week, but we like "busy". The alarm went off this morning, I moved Ella Kate into bed with Bradley and began my morning routine. There was no run this morning. It's CHILLY out there! I even slept til 6, or so I thought. Until I began to dry my hair and realized my watch in the bathroom said 5:20. And so did my phone. Somehow my clock jumped ahead an hour. But that's ok. It's giving me some needed quiet time to enjoy this morning. The rest of the day will be full speed ahead. There's ribbons and tattoos to be sold, 5th graders to educate, a pep rally to be had, cheerleaders to feed, and a ballgame to win. Sounds like a perfect October Friday to me. A win tonight puts our boys in the playoffs AND they will host. A loss knocks us out. We're for the WIN. AAANNNDDD...Our volleyball girls secured a trip to the state tournament with a win yesterday. We're proud of them! Congrats. While watching them, I found my body moving from side to side trying to play with them. Old habits die hard, maybe? Regardless, it was an exciting match.

I surprised my husband with a new lamp shade delivered right to our front door yesterday. He wasn't as excited as I thought he'd be. Marrying him cut down considerably on my "packages at the door". Normally, I can retrieve it and dispose of the evidence before he gets home, but we got here at the same time last night and I was caught. That's ok. My lamp is great. The little things in life...

Someone asked me a few weeks ago on a Friday how my day was. I said it was good; it's a Friday! I was informed that everyday is a great day. I thought about this afterwards. I concluded that everyday can be a "good day". Friday's kind of tip the scale for me. Friday's are "great days". Hope yours is great too.

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