Thursday, November 4, 2010


We spent our final night at home as a family of 2 + Molly. It was nice...we shared a meal of fishsticks, fries, and grape koolaid and looked lovingly at each other from across the living room. There was a time that we sat at the table or the bar for dinner. But I can no longer sit up straight and eat so the recliner is my spot at suppertime. As for breakfast, I made cinnamon rolls and coffee for B. I used the very last of the coffee that we brought home from Jamaica. I told him it was symbolic of "The Honeymoon's OVER."

I think I might be beyond excited about this baby girl. It's just come over me all of a sudden. I woke up every hour on the hour last night...thinking this time tomorrow...this time Saturday...this time next overwhelms me a little. We do enjoy our little life at home just the 2 of us, but I have a feeling we won't be able to remember what it was like. My husband unpacked and repacked his bag last night. He said because the weather was cooler, but I found it really entertaining.

We'll be induced first thing tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about that part, but at this point, I'm big. She's big. And I've decided if given the option, she's probably not coming out on her own free will. I was a little leery of posting our day of induction online, but the word's out. So if you were planning on doing something illegal/cruel, you should know that a. We don't have anything you'd probably find valuable and b. Our neighbors are watching you. REALLY. They're good like that.

We'll let you know how things turn out when we find a minute to breathe. We would appreciate your prayers as we begin this new phase.


  1. Hope, just remember God us watching. You two belong to Him and soon Ella Kate will too! We love you guys and can't wait till you are experiencing the joy we have.

  2. I remember the "night before" so very, very well. I spent the night making lasagna and other goodies to put in the freezer. Last of the nesting, I guess. John's mom was coming the next week and I didn't want to have to cook, either. Finished up just before midnight. Less than half an hour later the first contraction hit and Erin arrived just a few minutes past three hours later! My doctor said the best thing he knew to speed up labor was to schedule induction! I was scared out of my mind and ended up having her "au natural" - no pain killers! NOT my first choice, but turned out so very well. People will tell you horror stories and for some reason think they're helping. I promise you that although you may be frightened, God is there and you are not alone. Hold B's hand and let him lend you strength. This will be an incredibly special time that is different for every set of parents. Treasure it, let those who wish to spoil you, rock that baby all you want. Against all advice, we did, and have never regretted it. Just wish her feet didn't drag now when I want to rock her. So very happy for you both. You're a couple about to become a family.