Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The New Normal

4 WEEKS! That's all I have left at home with this sweet baby girl. We're making the most of every cold day by staying in our p.j.'s and napping a lot. We also gaze at the Christmas tree and read on occasion. If I knew how to build a good fire, I'd do that too. But I don't. So we just crank up the heat. She's growing SO fast. I've asked her to slow down a little. She just looks at me like I'm crazy. She gives us all that look. She doesn't know what to think this morning because, apparently, no one loves her. Both of her granddads have been by to rock her this morning and it's only 12:00. ; ) She'll probably get nothing for Christmas either. What are we going to do?

I went back to the doctor yesterday. Everything looks good. She said I could start running 3 miles a day whenever I'm ready. I've lost over 30 lbs! Yay! I'm embracing the fact that if I don't get back into my clothes, it just means I can buy new clothes. Looks like a win/win to me. I did some Christmas shopping after the appointment. Then I sang really loud on the way home. Ella Kate was at BB's house and I was excited to be feeling normal again...you know...real clothes, make-up, hair fixed (does a ponytail count?), DRIVING...etc. I even walked on the treadmill and tanned (a little too much) when I got home.

You'll all be happy to know that our clothes have been on the right way and I haven't been in public with my pants undone this week. Maybe we're getting the hang of this.


  1. Hope,
    I talked to B yesterday and I convinced him he needed to see a Dr. excuse to prove you didn't go over there just to shop.


  2. In about 16 years you are going to be SO much in trouble for the elf costume!

  3. That outfit is precious. Glad to hear you are feeling more back to normal. I wish I could be there for Ella Kate's first Christmas.