Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Beach and a Baby Picture

Bradley and I left late Thursday night after workouts for the beach. We spent the day Friday on the beach. It was beautiful. I sat in the edge of the water for a long time. Then I camped out under the umbrella for a while. There's nothing like a sandwich and a drink from the cooler on the beach. We tried out a new place to eat that night, The Old Florida Fish House. It's not new but we'd never been. It was SO good. Actually, since I've been pregnant, there's not much that I don't find to be "SO good". Yesterday we slept late, then went out for breakfast...we waited forever to eat. I guess everyone wanted a good breakfast yesterday. We made a Target run, then sat on the beach all afternoon. A lady fell over backwards in her beach chair right beside us. You'll be happy to know I held it together...I've always been one to get tickled pretty easily, but lately I get so tickled I can't stop laughing...usually at the most inappropriate times. Last night we had a late dinner. I had grilled fish for the first time...very good. I usually liked fried or blackened, but indigestion is the enemy right now, and I didn't think I should try that. We slept late this morning, then headed home. But not before I ran smack into the sliding glass door and laughed hysterically. I then cried for about 30 minutes on the way home for no apparent reason. I couldn't even tell Bradley why I was crying. I have no idea. I fought it for some time...and I kept my sunglasses on for a while, but he was on to me. He just helped me find a tissue and shook his head.
I'll jump back to last Wed and post a picture from our 4D ultrasound. This baby is without a doubt a daddy's girl. Her mouth and nose look identical to his. I'm good with that. I think he's pretty. I won't tell you how much weight I've gained, but I will say there is NO way that scale was right. Absolutely NO WAY.

One last week before I have to go back to work...lots of last minute stuff to do, along with some floating around the pool. Hope you all have a fabulous week.

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