Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time's Up!

We are finishing up our last "childless" summer. We've slept as late as we wanted, gone where we wanted to go, ate what we wanted, and done absolutely whatever we wanted to do. I have a feeling that's about to end. As excited as we are about Ella Kate's arrival, it also scares me more and more as it approaches. I have no doubt she will be worth every bit of the change that is about to take place in our lives, but that doesn't keep me from wondering if we're ready for this.

Monday kicks off our school year and football season at the Bowers house. We've been at school this past week as much as we've been at home...trying to prepare so we aren't drowning in "to do's" next week. My room's ready for the most part. I had a moment of "what am I doing???" last week one day when I thought about making the transition from 1st to 5th grade. I could handle the first day with 1st graders with my eyes closed. But I've never done the 5th grade thing. I am most excited about the ladies I get to work with and around. Maybe they'll keep me sane with all the change we're about to go through. I have also been "promoted" as someone put it to varsity cheerleader coach. The girls are fun. It's just way more responsibility than I ever realized. But we'll all survive and we'll enjoy doing it. Bradley's just hoping we'll both get through football season without Ella Kate making an early arrival. She's due 3 days after the last regular season game.

Just for the record, I have gotten most of my TO DO list completed this summer. Except that the nursery is not painted. Does the test paint on the wall count? I have all the supplies sitting in the nursery floor along with the crib that is still in the box. Maybe we'll get to that soon.

We're spending our last day in the pool and B said he would grill later if I act right. I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

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  1. Hope,
    You will soon wonder what you did without children. Life is about to get so much richer than you have ever experienced!
    Christ said the selfless life is the abundant life. You will come to know the truth of that as you and Bradley pour your lives into the little one.
    You two will be such wonderful parents....