Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yay for a Week Off!

We teachers have the whole summer off, but that's not entirely true. Bradley has workouts so it's hard for us to schedule much. But he has all of next week off and I am so excited. I have a list of things for him to get done, but I'll let him rest some too. We have NO plans for the 4th except lunch with my parents. His parents are off on a cruise, but I'm sure we can manage to give their pool some good use this week. That's our plan for today along with putting up peas. I just came in from our backyard, and the weather is's like a spring morning...breezy and comfortable. Yesterday was hot, but so much better than it's been. I even did a few things outside yesterday, and that has been impossible so far this summer. Bradley did A LOT outside yesterday. It looks nice and I'm very appreciative.

We capped off the day with dinner and a movie with friends. Bradley grew up at VBS every summer with Morgan. They always celebrated their birthdays together at Bible School because there was one day between them. Morgan also did us the honor of singing in our wedding. So after 2 years of trying to plan a dinner date, we finally got together with she and her husband, Matt, last night. We had Mexican (yay!!!) and went to see Eclipse. I've never read the books, but have been told I'm missing out. I've seen the other 2 movies, but slept through the end of the last one. It would be safe to say they are not my favorites. But I was pretty impressed with Eclipse. I think that's the latest we've been out in a very long time. It's the first time we've been able to go to a movie since I found out I was pregnant. Morning/all day sickness will change your way of life for sure. I've been told that a baby will do the same thing. It was an extra good day all around. I love days like that.

One more thing that added to the "goodness" of yesterday. I had to make a quick trip to my moms yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful, so I let my windows down and opened the sunroof. I also broke out a few old cd's. I had high school/college music blaring from my speakers. I have always enjoyed riding in the car by myself, but windows down and loud music can make my day. It was all good until all 458 napkins on my console exploded through my sunroof. It was hilarious and I had a pretty good laugh in the car all by myself. No, I did not go back and pick them up. I'm sorry. I would never have found them all.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend! Be safe.

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