Wednesday, October 13, 2010

37 weeks and some days

We have accomplished MUCH this week (Thank goodness...we're running out of time). Bradley has gotten a whole lot done. He's pretty handy...and I'm thankful for him. I've been cleaning and getting everything ready. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I will be 38 weeks on Monday. I "think" I'm having some contractions. But I'm not sure because I've never done this before. They only come a few times a day...usually at night. B is a little paranoid I think. He texts me more than usual. I told him I wouldn't forget to let him know if anything big happened. Last night we discussed how we wouldn't be sleeping a whole lot in the next couple of months, but I don't sleep now! I get up on a regular basis.

We had date night last night. I've been craving crab claws. When we went to the beach for our anniversary, no one had them due to the oil spill. So last night I finished off my entire basket of crab claws (for the record, until this pregnant experience I have NEVER been one to eat much), then we headed to the movies to see Life As We Know It. I thought it was fitting. It was an excellent movie. I cried. I laughed. A LOT. I asked Bradley if he felt like we were dating. He said except for the basketball under my shirt, YES. Speaking of dating, tomorrow is 3 years since our first date! I figure I should remember these things while I still can. My, how life has changed in 3 years. And I love it. I stayed up late Sunday night reading some of our first blog entries. We are so blessed. There were definitely times that I wondered what God was up to. I'll be honest. There were times I felt like God was being very unfair. But His plans are so good. And our lives are abundantly blessed.

Hope you're enjoying your week. The nursery is supposed to be done on Sunday! Pictures to come.

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