Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello Fall Break!

I'm laying in the recliner and Bradley's about to begin his "list". We have SO much to get done this week. My legs and ankles are HUGE today. I'm hoping they'll return to "normal" after a week at home.

I went to the doctor on Thursday. EK is definitely head down and ready to go. They estimated her weight to be 6 lb 7 oz. and I have 3 weeks left! I was hoping for 6 lb and some ounces AT her arrival. Everything looked good and I return next Thursday.
To keep on the pregnancy topic. I'm a little concerned that we may have another pregnancy at our house. Molly sure is "changing". I hope I'm wrong. But I think we're going to make a quick trip to the vet this week just to be sure. She's been booted out of the house. And has done really well.

Bradley's attacking the outside list today. We still have lots on the inside list too. The nursery looks like Babies R Us exploded in there. And no, I am NOT complaining. We have so many sweet family members and friends who have been more than generous. Now, I just have to get it all put up and ready for use. The carseat is going in today (YAY!) and I'm going to get our bag ready. Yes, we know it might be several weeks, but I like to be prepared. And at the moment, I'm not. I realize that we really can't be "prepared" for what's about to take place. But I prefer to control what I can, while I can.

The Merry Maids never did show up so I'm going to be forced to do it myself. Someone in my house that shall remain un-named asked me last Sunday if the Clean Underwear Fairy was taking a week off. I told him I thought she was on fall break, but I'd look into it. Happy Saturday to you all. And if you're lucky enough to have a week off...happy fall break!

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