Friday, May 28, 2010

And her name will be...

Ella Kate. Unless she grows an appendage...and then we'll go with Hudson. Bradley's great-grandmother was named Kate. He thought a lot of Granny and I've heard some stories about Granny that are great. We both just like the name Ella. If you're reading this and you're due before me and take my name, I might hunt you down.

School is OUT and I am so glad. Days like today make me think if we don't get out of here soon, I could do something illegal. Too much to get done and 146.5 stories for me to listen to. I do love them. I'll love them all the more in August. My plan for this summer is to float, get bigger, and tan.

Although this was a happy day for the most of us, there are many teachers who received bad news on the last day of school. My brother was one of them. I am so upset for him. Not so much as a "thank you for what you've done here" or a "we're sorry to have to do this". It's a shame. I know the time he put into that school. And they lost a great teacher and coach. But we know that God has better plans. We've known this was a possibility for quite some time. And our prayer has been that God would place Jim where He wanted him. Please pray for him as he begins to search for a new job.

I'll end this post on a happier note. My "begin summer right" plan is this: I'm out to eat tonight with friends, swimming afterwards because I CAN, and possibly to Opp tomorrow morning to see the parents and share in a delicious Hardee's biscuit. I use the term share loosely. I will definitely have my very own biscuit, and possibly 2.

(Sidenote: I am currently watching Bradley chase Molly trying to trim her nails. It's very entertaining.)

Happy Summertime!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the name you chose for your new daughter! Best of luck with all that is to come!

  2. I hope this will not incite a major "beat-down'" but I have a granddaughter named Ella (Ben and Amber's).
    We love you guys and will rejoice over Ella Kate!