Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a Girl!

At least we're 95% sure it's a girl or so we were told. I'm only 16 weeks and didn't have a scheduled ultrasound, but Brittany, who I used to beat in basketball all the time ; ) , was working when we went for a checkup yesterday and I asked her to let us peek. First she told me a girl. Then she told me she wasn't positive. Then she told me she was 90% sure, but she wanted the other tech to look. She also told me to "leave the tags on anything pink." The other tech came in to check, and Baby Bowers has decided to sit up on her knees. (You'd think I could feel this, but I don't.) They bounced the probe on my stomach a little, and she finally adjusted so they could see. They told me they were 95% sure it was girl. She said she'd be shocked if it wasn't. I'd post pictures, but I can't figure out how to work our scanner, so when B gets home, I'll let him scan them in and I'll add them.

We're thrilled that it's a girl! I was a little surprised, but Bradley thought all along it was a girl. I think a girl will be fun. Bradley is thinking more expensive than fun. You know I can do some shopping. B is concerned she'll like to shop as much as me. I already have purchased 3 swimsuits for this summer. He just shakes his head, but I plan on exercising/floating (more floating than exercising) a lot this summer. And every girl needs a swimsuit rotation. What does he expect me to do??? Wear the same one every day?

Hope everyone's weekend is very relaxing during this busy time of year...if you need me I'll be trying out 1 of my 3 new suits and "taking a tan" as my friend calls it.

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