Friday, June 11, 2010

A Broken Bone, Exhaustion, Swollen Ankles, and Laughter

We took off bright and early Tuesday morning for cheer camp in Auburn. This is my first experience as a cheer coach, but I'm learning a lot. FAST. I will begin this post by saying we have only 3 returning girls and 6 brand new cheerleaders. We've ALL come a long way (myself included). Tuesday night, we competed in a Home Pom competition. We placed 4th. They did SO GOOD. It was their best performance yet. Because there were only 7 JV squads there, we were all grouped together for competition, rather than divided into small and large. We were the smallest squad in our division, competing against a squad of 20 and a squad of 18. I was more than proud of them.

We had a small crash on Wednesday morning that resulted in a broken wrist. The wrist belonged to our main flyer so it threw us for a loop. But the girls recovered well, and she came back to join us, cast and all. She even brought her meds with her and there were a few times I thought I might need to borrow some. We competed again this morning with 2 routines. We placed 3rd with one of those routines. Also, 2 of our girls went out for All Stars and both made it. Our varsity girls won camp champs for both of their routines. They were great.

I was very unprepared for the heat and the walking. I don't know how far it was from our dorm to the coliseum, but it was A LONG WAY. We walked there and back 3 times each day. I thought I might not make it. To say I was swollen was an understatement. I did catch a ride at least once a day, but not often enough. Last night I got to visit with the couple I lived with in college, The Ingalls. Right after I finished college in Troy, they moved to Auburn. I was so glad they came to see me. I enjoyed seeing them.

My girls were entertaining (as always). They shared a lot of laughter, most of it probably when they were supposed to be sleeping. It hasn't been so long that I've forgotten what camp is like as a camper. We all came home exhausted. I am so proud of them and enjoying this experience. While I was gone, my husband cleaned our carpet and rug. He also cleaned our bathroom and put clean sheets on our bed. He probably did more, but those are the things I've discovered. He's the BEST. Our plans for this weekend and next week are few. It will take me that long to recover....

And by the way...Jim is now a Slocomb Redtop. Yah!!!

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