Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween at the Bowers' House

The outside wasn't long before we moved to the fire.
Our husbands don't understand how we work together every day,
but still manage to talk so much when we're not at school.
Notice the children's entertainment in the background.
I took a jump myself on Sunday afternoon before they came to pick it up.
Molly even jumped. She doesn't like to be left out.

Some of the male people watching football...

"Miss" Sherrie and "Miss" Hope together again.

It was nice to see everyone on Saturday. We were excited about our first "gathering" at our house. It forced us to get some things done that we've been putting off for a while. Bradley accused me of working him to death. He did work all day Saturday...and I appreciated it.

Football ended on Friday night. We rode to school together this morning. We disagree on what we should listen to on the way to and from school. He wants to listen to some kind of am talk radio...I feel that the radio is for music...not talking. He offered to let me borrow his ipod.

We're looking forward to some time at home. I may even try my hand at a little golf...I'll let you know how that goes.

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