Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Flea Market Run, a Visit to Pop's, and 1 E.R. Trip Later...

Cheerleader camp was a huge success!  I am sooooo proud of my girls.  They competed in Home Pom, Camp Champs Cheer, and Camp Champs Xtreme Routine and placed first in all three!  They also received the leadership award for camp!  They have WORKED this summer and it was evident.  It was a great week and I'm so happy to be showering without shoes again.  

Yesterday we spent some time in the pool before B headed off to football.  Ella Kate and I decided to hit up a few flea markets and found ourselves in Opp.  We found nothing special so we decided to swing by Pop and BeBe's before coming home.  All was well until Ella Kate took a little spill and hit her head on the couch leg.  There was blood...lots of blood.  She was screaming.  I was trying to hold it together.  See, I'm a calm person for the most part.  But something came over me and I began to gag and feel faint.  My daddy drove us to the emergency room.  Ella Kate and I rode in the back.  Both of us had a wet washcloth...seriously.  I thought we were going to have to pull over for me to hurl.  I knew she would survive.  It was just the combination of her being upset and the blood coming from the gash in her head.  I'm not sure how long we were at the hospital, but it was long enough for my husband to leave Goshen and get back to Jack to pick up his truck, then drive to Opp.  A little glue and some steristrips later, we went back to Pop's to eat chicken, per EK's request, and came home.  It was quite a night.  We all slept til 9 this morning.  

She's fine this morning and we're getting ready to go for our first haircut.  Hopefully, I'll handle that better than I did the transition to the big girl bed.  Happy Tuesday!

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