Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Addition to the Bowers Family

And it's probably not what you're thinking. Our new addition is the 4 legged kind. Her name is Molly and she is 6 weeks old. We finally have a yard so we wanted a pet. Bradley says we need to take care of a pet before we decide to take care of a baby. I've been keeing my ferns somewhat alive this summer, so surely I can keep a dog alive. She likes to be held and she cries if she isn't getting attention. Is that what it's like to have a baby???? We'll see how our first night goes.


  1. She is soo cute :)!! She'll be so much fun. And Yes, it is a lot like having a baby! We had to get up with Ellie every 2-3 hours at night (to go out) and she wouldn't go to sleep unless I rocked her! ha! (I might've brought that one on myself) Also, if she stays inside, you can't make plans without lining up a 'babysitter' for her. We have to get his or my parents to keep her when we go anywhere. OH and it shows you how you'll be at disciplining together!! We've decided we will have to be much more consistent with children. Maybe a baby won't chew up all your shoes though...

  2. Yes...we're getting up a couple of times each night. We're moving the box she sleeps in farther away each night. And it's hard to be consistent. It was lightening about 3:30 this morning and she was ready to play. We'll consider this good practice for having a baby.