Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Last night my parents were coming over to eat with us and celebrate my daddy's birthday. He'll be 58 this Thursday. What he didn't know is that all 3 of his sisters, 1 of his brothers, and a few others would be joining us. The Bedsoles always know how to enjoy some family time and last night was no exception. We enjoyed lots of laughter and a story or 10. My uncle said my dad was lucky to be here. I thought he was referring to my daddy's health problems, but he continued to tell us that when my daddy was a baby, he and my aunt took him up and down the road trying to give him away. It was so nice to have everyone together.

Jim and I are so blessed to have the daddy that we have. We grew up in a home filled with love and good times. My daddy can find a way to enjoy anything. He always has a joke or something up his sleeve. And it's never what you'd expect. He is a man of character, no doubt. And a christian example for his children. I remember sometime during my college years, sitting "his chair" and looking through his Bible that lay beside it. I found a prayer list there. It's not that I thought my dad didn't pray for us. I'd just never considered it. It meant so much to see our names know he was coming to God on our behalf. My uncle was right last night. When I was 15, my dad had a heart attack. He went on to have a balloon put in and a defibulator. Later when I was in college, the defibulator saved his life. He had a triple bypass right after I finished junior college. It was a scary time, and still something that worries me from time to time. We are beyond blessed to have the father that we have. Every minute we spend with him is precious and we are so thankful to have him.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. We love you so much.

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