Sunday, February 14, 2010

Take one look at this face

And tell me you wouldn't want him to be your Valentine too.
I love him because he makes me laugh a lot.
I love him because he has amazing patience.
I love him because he is so kind to everyone and anyone.
I love him because he is always willing to help...
whether it's helping me by washing clothes
or a kid at school who needs a ride home after workouts.
He always does it...and never complains.
I love him because he encourages me and he keeps a positive attitude
through all the things we face.
I love him because he knows when to hold me and when to let me cry.
I love him because he prays for me.
I love him because he's always willing to pray WITH me.
I love him for these reasons and more.
I love him more than I ever imagined loving someone.
Thank you, God, for this man. You are so good.
I am so thankful that you had bigger plans for me than I ever had for myself.
Happy Valentines Day.

1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet, Hope. I miss seeing and talking to you!!!