Saturday, April 23, 2011

While we have a moment to breathe...

let me catch you up on what's happening at the Bowers House. The end of another school year is fast approaching, and this means 2 things: 1. Teachers and students alike act/feel like nuts. 2. There are 948 things to do and/or get done. If you keep up with the AL legislature, let me give my opinion on some of the things coming up for discussion or a vote relating to education. Bradley and I both went into this because we love it. We never planned on getting rich. However, if you keep cutting our pay checks, we will have to take jobs at the Dairy Queen at night to keep up.

Bradley and our head coach met with a coach in Florida on Friday so EK and I went along for the ride. We dropped him off and took off to Pier Park. I watched her in the mirror as we pulled in. Her little eyes got so big as she looked up at the stores. She's SO my child. I told her I was feeling the SAME way. I knew I was in trouble when I spent the every bit of the $ I brought along to spend on her in the first store. She'll be looking cute though ; ) We spent the night and came back this morning. We dumped our bags and headed to the lake for the afternoon. So busy, but such a nice day.

D-Day is fast approaching. The 5K is Saturday and I'm coming to realize I will not be ready, but I will do what I can. I haven't reached my goal of running 3 miles without stopping. I'm not even sure I'll make 2. But I will finish...somehow.

Now, I'm sitting here in my new p.j.'s (simple joys) waiting for the Easter Bunny. On a serious note, Easter and sacrifice have taken on a whole new meaning since EK came along. It gives me a greater understanding of the greatness of the sacrifice while giving me less understanding of how you could love enough to sacrifice your own. One of my students said Thursday that Good Friday wasn't at all good. Oh, but it was. It was perfect for us...just what we needed. I will try to remember to take Easter pictures, but I make no promises. I never remember my camera. If I do take them, maybe I'll find another spare minute to post them.

Hope your week is full of moments that make you smile.

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