Thursday, December 15, 2011


I heart my job. But right about now, I heart a 2 week break better than anybody you know. Oh my. AND we still are having many sleepless nights around here. Those teeth may be the death of me. You'd never know she could be so ill, watching her sit quietly and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas right now. She rarely sits quietly. She rarely sits. But at the moment, she's looking oh, so sweet. We took her to see Christmas lights last Thursday night. She was in awe. It was great. She's great. And we love her. Even if she's cutting down on our sleep considerably.

Friday night, B and I left EK with his parents (thanks GiGi and Papa!) and went to dinner and a movie. Aaaahhhh. So nice. We worked around the house on Saturday. Then we started off family Christmas with the Bedsole's today. I'll try to upload pics to facebook later tonight. Tomorrow, my cheerleaders will be here for breakfast bright and early. I'm sure they'll be great entertainment. They always are. I have 11 gifts to wrap between now and then so...

Here's to a great week before Christmas.

And by the way, Neil, Dirty Santa Tag Teaming keeps a marriage strong ; )

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