Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

We've been Christmas Partying it up around our house. 2 parties in 4 days=enough laughing to make my face hurt. Isn't that the best?

On Saturday night, we visited with B's friends. I personally think they're hilarious. So I was pretty excited. I also was excited about getting dressed for something other than work or church. They didn't dissappoint. Dirty Santa was GREAT. B and I tag-teamed and came home with some pretty good gifts. It was an enjoyable night. Thanks, Neil and DeAnn. I had a great time.

Tonight the elementary teachers had the annual "get together". WOW. My face hurts from laughing. It was so nice to get to socialize outside of the normal situation. Some of us even wore denim. That's not a big deal to some of you. But in Coffee County, you don't do blue jeans. Ever. So if I'm not going to work or church, I'm breaking out the blue jeans. Always. Tonight was no exception. I enjoy you ladies (and Coach Stephenson and Michael) so much. I left tonight feeling so thankful for the opportunity to work with you all. And I was honored to be a "ho ho girl"...I think.

So tonight I'm in the Christmas spirit. My tree is all lit up. My house smells like Christmas tree. And my heart is happy. Now, if only EK would sleep through the night again. Have a good week!

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