Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few reasons I enjoy my job...

1.  Our "4H Lady" was encouraging our kids to learn their addresses.  She told them this was important.  "What if your house in on fire and you have to call 911?  How will they find your house???"  A kid near my desk speaks up and says, "I'd tell them to look for the smoke!"

2.  I've been helping my students with their math during Intervention.  Last week, it was Order of Operations.  They had been taught this previously.  We were reviewing.  I read the notes and said, "oh yeah!  Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally." A student said, "what's wrong with her???"  I, confused, said, "who?"  She replied, "your aunt Sally".  I. Give. Up.

Seriously, we have a great bunch this year.  Enjoying their personalities.

Can I say have a good weekend when it's only Wednesday?  I think so.  Enjoy the next 2 days AND the weekend!  Goodnight!

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