Sunday, June 28, 2009

How did we get so much stuff??????

Here's the update. We are still waiting to close on our house. However, it looks promising that we'll close tomorrow or Tuesday. And because the lady we are purchasing the house from is a sweet lady, she has allowed us to move in before closing.

I had NO IDEA we had so much stuff. We have been hauling loads of stuff from Luverne to Elba for days. We will be forever indebted to the people who have helped us. I'm sure they too wonder how we have accumulated so much stuff. They have been great help. We never would have gotten it moved without them.

It looks like a bomb went off in the house at the moment, but we're making progress slowly. I'm so glad we chose this house. I love it even more since we've gotten our furniture moved in. Our neighbors have been so nice. They couple next door even baked us a cake.

I have to mention that somehow God always manages to work things out. Sometimes we just have to wait a little while. I'll try to post some pictures after we get the mess cleaned up and all the boxes out. Hope everyone has a great week. We're looking forward to some R&R.

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