Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Makeup for $1

I ran across this website online. The make-up line E.L.F.(eyes-lips-face) is selling almost everything for $1. You do have to pay shipping. They have everything from makeup to makeup brushes. The website is :

Also, when you check out there is a space for a coupon code. Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00. Or use SAVINGSELF and get 50% off any order.


  1. My friend, Michelle Hunter, sent me an email with the same info. about Nordstrom having makeup for a dollar. Haven't checked it out just yet.

    I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to change schools. Glad that y'all are semi-settled before school starts. :) Also, let me know when you come to Andy b/c I'd love to have lunch. Plus, I don't think you've met Sawyer. (I'm hoping this will give you the baby fever)!

  2. Yay Hope! Now I can keep up with you better! Hope y'all had fun at Bama Jam. Good luck with the house, and congrats on the new jobs!

  3. Well the makeup arrived...i do like some of it. Some of it isn't so great. But it was $1, so I won't complain.