Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plain 'Ole Life

My sweet husband just informed me that I haven't blogged in over a week. So here we go. Life just hasn't been extremely exciting lately. It hasn't been bad. I just didn't think you'd be interested in making bottles, washing bottles, cleaning house, going to work, etc.

Ella Kate turned 3 months old a few weeks ago. Those teeth I mentioned a month ago...they have yet to come through. But she's been a trooper. For the last week, we've been able to lay her in bed, turn on the mobile, and she's put herself to sleep. It's SOOO nice for us. She doesn't fight us. And we're getting more sleep. I even got to sit down tonight and enjoy a really, really cold can of Coke Zero. I have an addiction. I like my caffeine cold. VERY cold. And it was extremely good. When Bradley and I got married, we drank Mt Dew. I think we did that for a while. But we began to grow. So we decided to make the switch. (I still enjoy a Mt Dew, just not on a daily basis.) Speaking of growing or lack thereof...I've lost more weight and I am thrilled. We're on Week 3 of the Couch to 5K. I was beginning to think I might not ever get back in my clothes. But I just might make it.

Bradley is now a proud member of the 32 oz club at Santa Fe. Why on earth he wanted to do this, I will never know. He's mentioned it the past several times we've eaten there. And with a little encouragement from his parents (as well as financial support...they bought dinner), he gave it a try Saturday night. Who cares that it took him 3 hours to finish eating???? He got a shirt AND his picture on the wall. It didn't take 3 hours...but it seemed like it. Ella Kate needed some fresh air about halfway through the steak. She and I took a little trip outside. I also had steak, but don't recall eating it. That's called multi-tasking. I'm learning that it's also called being a mommy.

I'll close with some sad news about a co-worker who went to the ER Friday was a week ago in pain. She found out last Monday that she had Stage 4 Colon Cancer and spots on her liver. She left the hospital Sunday after making the decision not to take any life prolonging measures. She passed away yesterday. I never got to know Mrs. Mozzo very well. But I knew her well enough to realize she was a very interesting woman. And well enough to know she would have chosen no other way to go. I listened to the other teachers share stories about her after hearing of her passing yesterday. They said she always said if they had her a retirement party, she wouldn't come. ..that when she left that school, she wanted to walk out and never look back. And isn't that how it happened? I'm certain that's the way she left this world. Listening to them share stories about her makes me wish I'd taken the time to get to know her better. Keep her family, friends, and students in your prayers. Many of them are having a tough time with this loss.

May you take notice of the simple blessings in life this week.

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