Monday, February 28, 2011

A Marvelous Monday

I think I'll start with my funny story for the week: Almost everyday this year that I've been by the office after school, there's been a man sitting in there with a FedEx jacket on. So I assumed he was the FedEx man...taking a break? I wondered why he sat in there EVERYDAY. Then last week, I saw the FedEx man walking toward the nurse's office (in a different building). And he was NOT in uniform??? I have since learned he is definitely NOT the FedEx man. He is a student who is obviously a Denny Hamlin racing fan who sports a FedEx jacket on a daily basis. This may not be funny to you. But I thought it was hilarious.

Ella Kate is "talking"! She's making so many sounds. We love it. She'll be 4 months old on Saturday. Where has the time gone?

B now has football a couple days a week, and I am on break from cheerleading. So I get to come home each and every afternoon. It's marvelous. Speaking of's a short list of other things that I've been finding marvelous lately:

1. That hour after EK goes to sleep before I go to sleep.
2. Mexican food when I don't want to cook
3. Being able to complete yet another week in Couch to 5K
4. The tanning bed. I know it's bad. But it feels SO good and it makes me SO relaxed. And if the running doesn't make me skinnier, the tan will make me appear that way.
5. Sharing cheesecake with Bradley before bed
6. This lovely weather
7. Riding home from school with the sunroof open and the radio REALLY loud

Have a "marvelous" week.

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