Monday, March 7, 2011

The spring break countdown is ON.

Can I vent? I promise to keep it short. I spent my entire planning time on the phone this morning trying to find out when and why my house is now in a High Risk Flood Zone (according to our mortgage company). It IS in a flood zone, but not a high risk area. It's been over 20 years since it flooded, but all of a sudden we're high risk! This means (according to the mortgage company) that my flood insurance premium will go up when I renew. That's just peachy. As I tried unsuccessfully to look at a flood map online, I called FEMA and was told they couldn't disclose my flood zone over the phone. REALLY? UGH. I came home to find a service charge had been taken out of our one knows why. No one mentioned it when we opened the account. Oh, but wait! We listed the account wrong. Let us fix that. Oh. My. Gosh. You people are making me insane. I'm normally not this "fussy". I need spring break. REALLY. BAD.

Ella Kate and I have been hanging out tonight. Bradley's driving a bus for the baseball team. We miss him, but you all know how I love some Hope time. EK has cut into that quite a bit lately. So tonight, she was in bed by 8:15 and I'm blogging from the recliner. Aaaaahhhhhh. AND I had a frozen pizza. Bliss. All I lacked was a new magazine.

Saturday was a perfect rainy day. We need rainy days sometimes. It's like it gives us "permission" to rest. I attended the 4th-6th grade dance on Saturday night. All I have to say is it was definitely a "party in the USA". We had lunch at Bradley's maw maw's yesterday after church. I heard some of the funniest stories as they sat around and shared. I'm still laughing about them today. After visiting, we came home and laid around. I cleaned a little too. Last night we ate Mexican, just the 3 of us. Ella Kate did so good this weekend. She slept through the night every night (a change from last week...don't know what the deal was). And she was extra happy. We LOVE her so much. Her little personality gets bigger every day and it's so much fun!

I will attempt not to complain/vent any more this week. At least not on the blog. I hope you all have an extra good week. 4 days to spring break! That's enough to make anyone smile.

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